Achieving goals with a personal trainer in Battersea

Nathan’s focus is ensuring that his clients achieve their health, fitness and performance goals efficiently and effectively, using methods that best suit the individual client and their unique circumstances. As a result, no two personal training programmes will be the same regardless of the goals. Nathan ensures that clients exercise in the right way so that clients don’t simply get a ‘tough workout’ but that they get the ‘right workout’. This means performing exercise techniques correctly, distributing effort appropriately and efficiently throughout workouts, and balancing the right types of training throughout the week. Such attention to detail, along with years of experience to adapt sessions based upon the clients responses, ensures that clients achieve maximum results, safely.

Nathan is completely mobile, and training sessions can take place at your home, a gym or using the many wonderful open spaces that Battersea has to offer. Nearby Battersea Park and the River Thames offer plenty of scope for all types of fitness sessions.  So whether you require flat, open space of the Battersea Park playing fields for crossfit training, a more challenging interval session at the athletics track to develop your endurance, or the local steps to develop your speed and power, Nathan will suggest the right venue to suit your fitness goals.

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