Group Fitness and Boot Camps

Group workouts with NK Fitness are a FUN & VARIED way to get fit and healthy that are also SOCIABLE and COST EFFECTIVE.  We are highly experienced in getting the best out of groups of people ranging from public bootcamps through to Olympic Squads.

Our group fitness options include:

  1. Public Boot Camp / Outdoor Fitness Classes
  1. Corporate Fitness
  1. Small Group Personal Training
  1. Junior Conditioning Camps

Being part of group doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality with our underlying principles to winning group fitness:


The only competition is yourself...

A major drawback of group fitness can be the dread of having to keep up with everyone else, and feeling that you’re simply not fit enough.  We take this worry away from you buy structuring sessions in a way that simply has you competing with yourself – no comparisons with others.

And whilst we will always encourage you to get the best from yourself, you have the freedom to work at the intensity which best suits you.

Never neglect quality movement for quantity

Quality of movement is more important that quantity which is why all of our sessions focus upon neuromuscular control during warm ups and there’s a high level of individual coaching throughout every session.  We don’t just want you to do a lot, we want you to do it well!

Keep it broad

Most clients have a very narrow exercise base, i.e. they perform the same training for most of the time.  This can lead to movement deficiencies and predispose them to injury.  Our group fitness sessions are movement based rather than muscle focused and consist of exercises and challenges for all aspects of fitness across all major planes of movement.

Meet Individual needs

We cap our sessions at a maximum of 20 to ensure that you don’t get lost in the crowd, by coaching you all the way through every session.  Each exercise is offered with an alternative for those who want to either simplify it or want more of a challenge.  And if there’s something specific you want to work then all you have to do is ask – we’ll be happy to work it in for you.

Public Boot Camps

We currently offer public boot camps in Ascot for all levels of fitness.  Sessions run outside during the summer and move indoors during the winter months.

South Ascot Park, SL5 9DJ (April – October)

Charters School Leisure Centre, Sunningdale, SL5 9QY (October – April)

Every Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 – 7:30pm

PAYG £7.50

8 Session Block £50

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Corporate Group Fitness & Small Group Personal Training

If yourself and your colleagues or friends are preparing for a specific event or simply looking for a shared fitness experience then we could be the perfect solution.  We can tailor your groups sessions not only to meet your specific fitness requirements but also to improve team cohesion through careful selection of exercise challenges.

Sessions can take place at your workplace or a local open space and we bring all the equipment for a perfect session.

Youth Conditioning Camps

As well as supporting individual junior athletes with their strength and conditioning programmes we also run several group sessions focused upon age appropriate preparation.  Currently running in Ascot please contact us for further information

Summer Speed Camps (Summer 2017)

The NK Fitness Speed & Movement Camp is 6 weekly sessions of age appropriate strength & conditioning drills, games and challenges to improve physical confidence and sports productivity.

Each week explores specific drills and activities that can be used to develop a specific aspect of sports speed such as acceleration, deceleration & stops, techniques for changing direction and moving effectively in transitions.

Youth Conditioning Clinics

We are soon launching a clinic specifically designed to develop the movement skill set and conditioning of young athletes.  Suitable for young athletes aged 8-14 regardless of their sport.

To register your interest please contact us via the contact form.

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