NK fitness: Personal Training Terms & Conditions

Basic Personal Training Policies

Here at NK Fitness we only employ the best personal trainers in London to provide you with a completely bespoke and the highest levels of service. Our relationship with our clients is built upon mutual understanding and reciprocal responsibility as outlined in our Basic Personal Training Policies.

Training Session Length

Each training session is based upon a 55 minute hour, although longer and shorter options are available.

Trainer – Client Ratio

NK Fitness specialise in one-to-one personal training, small group training and online coaching. Whilst the significant majority of our clients enjoy and benefit from the focus and attention association with personal training, we endeavour to meet your interests and needs. Please feel free to discuss your programme options with us in full.

Time Keeping

In order to get the most from your personal training package, it is important to be ready on time. This is because clients will be scheduled before and after your session which therefore means that workout times cannot be extended. If your personal trainer is late then your training session will be extended wherever possible, or additional time credited to future sessions.

Cancellation of Personal Training Sessions

You will not be charged for sessions that you cancel with more than 24 hours notice. You are also permitted one cancellation every four scheduled workouts. A full session fee will be charged to clients who cancel with less than 24 hours notice, or if cancellations exceed one per every four scheduled sessions. Excessive cancellation regardless of time frame and payments will be discussed between client and trainer. We want the best for you and want to earn the money that you invest in improving your fitness.

If an NK Fitness Personal Trainer misses a session without notice you will be given a complimentary personal training session. We will also reschedule the missed session to suit your schedule as much as possible.

Payment For Services

All personal training sessions are guaranteed 100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your session, your session fee will be refunded. We appreciate your positive feedback and the chance to correct any problems.

If you haven’t sought prior agreement where your personal training sessions are paid for in advance, all fee’s are due upon receipt of The NK Fitness invoice. When invoices are overdue by two weeks it is NK Fitness policy to suspend personal training services until the outstanding invoice is settled. Repeated failure to pay invoices promptly will result in all future personal training being paid for in advance. Please appreciate that prompt payment saves us administrative costs and time, allowing us to better meet your health and fitness needs.

Training Locations

NK Fitness are a Mobile Personal Trainer in London. Personal training sessions will take place in the privacy of your own home, an mutually agreed public open space or other mutually agreed training venue.