Our Mission

Our clients consider us to be the best London personal trainers they have every trained with.

We want to be the best fitness and performance choice that you ever make regardless of your personal goals and status.

Whether it’s melting body fat or fine tuning repeated sprint ability, whether you’re a stay at home parent, city high flyer or professional athlete adding NK Fitness to Team You must be a great move forward.

Everything that we do must move your closer to realising your health and fitness goals.

We want to deliver client friendly, effective and efficient training perfectly blended with our expert coaching experience.  We will not leave any stone unturned in getting you where you want to be at the same time as taking great care to ensure we do it in a highly personable way, perfectly suited to you.

Our Trainers

We offer a consistently high level of support across the board – the NK Fitness way!

Founded by High Performance Coach Nathan Kelly, we’ve gone from strength to strength to build a team of excellent personal trainers, strength & conditioning specialists and coaches.  It is no coincidence that Nathan has worked directly with each member of the team before recruiting them to NK Fitness.

Collectively we are very proud of our many successful years as coaches and performers spanning the fields of health, fitness, personal training, coaching and high performance sport.  Each member of our excellent team draws upon this to make sure that we get the very best from you.


Nathan Kelly

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Toby Williamson

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Franki Clapham

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Chris Blythe

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Our Values

We place you, the client, at the epicenter of everything that we do.  Your success is central to our success.

We firmly believe that every programme must be uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.  The one thing that doesn’t change between clients is the continual cycle of thorough goal setting, programme planning and review.

We know how to get the best from you and leave no stone unturned in seeing you reach your goals.

No ego, no fad and no drill instructors – just sensible honest training all the way!  We know what to say and do to get the best out of you without resorting to sergeant major mode!  Our success with you will come through a blend of proven training techniques supported by research and our expert instruction and coaching adjustments.

Every client matters to our legacy.

The length of your journey will be dependent upon your specific fitness and training goals.  We are extremely proud of our high client retention rate and loyal client base which goes against the industry trend of high turnover and marketing techniques that emphasizes quantity at the expense of quality.

A training partnership – very much and we want it to be a journey.

Regardless of your goals and how long the journey is we want to be by your side at every step, from planning the initial course through to navigating obstacles and life beyond your original goals.  Through a simple process of plan, do and review where your input is key we want to always keep you moving forward.

Our Services

See What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say About Us

I have been with David Thomas for more than a year and I highly recommend him to anyone who's interested in improving their fitness level in a safe and sustainable way. He is also a very friendly, understanding and easy person to work with, which are essential qualities in any personal trainer.

Sengyim Ng

I asked you to sort out my upper body and you delivered! But you also made me do legs too to achieve the balance. Your professional expertise made the difference and you provided the motivation to make me stick to the plan. You varied the exercises each time so that I wouldn't get bored, and you provided your philosophical take on life for free!

You've been a great friend in the process.

Julian Cox

Hi, in last year my fitness instructor was David Thomas. His professional knowledge and experience in fitness make hard work very easy for me. He was very easy to work with and I want to come back for more session. He help me with my cardio and overall fitness. Thanks Dave for good year.

Krzysztof Wegrzynowski

Had a great group session with Nathan last week. He was up beat and encouraging, there was no standing around - kept the different exercises quick and varied and most of all it was a great laugh. Good all round workout focussing on all areas of the body. I was very impressed and highly recommend NK Fitness.

Catherine Devine