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Nathan Kelly Lead Personal Trainer

BSc., C.S.C.S, Cert. Ed

Nathan is without doubt one of the most experienced personal trainers in the industry with over 15 years of experience in meeting the fitness needs of clients that range from Olympians, professional rugby and football players  to active men and women throughout London, Surrey and Berkshire. Nathan worked as the National Fitness Coach to our Olympic Hockey Team, preparing them to win medals at Olympic Games, World Cups and Commonwealth Games. He has also worked as a strength and conditioning coach with Premiership Rugby Club Saracens.

Nathan is also a qualified teacher, providing him with a unique skill set and sought after level of experience and expertise within the personal training and sports conditioning industries.  He is able to use this expertise to ensure that each and every client receives a truly bespoke service, and that clients always get the 'right workout' not just as a 'tough workout'.  Nathan takes the time to ensure that clients understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why behind their sessions. Recent clients include Harlequins rugby, the RFU, professional football players and active professionals within London. Nathan is also a personal trainer in Ascot as well as having several international clients who look to him for their personal training when they are in the UK.

Nathan is one of best personal trainers, he is a certified personal trainer and has expert knowledge so contact Nathan Kelly about your personal training needs

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David Thomas Lead Personal Trainer

David is the latest member to join the NK Fitness team and brings with him a unique set of skills that make him the perfect addition to our personal training provision. If the term BFG hadn’t been used by Roald Dahl then it certainly would have been invented for David! Quite literally a gentle giant, David has an outstanding ability to place clients immediately at ease at the same time as getting the best out of them.

David’s infectious and engaging personality really does leave clients feeling great throughout their workouts. He has already gained legendary status amongst his peers for ‘being invited back for a cup of tea and to meet the family after just one session’!

Make no mistake, for all of his personality and presence, David is a first class personal trainer. His knowledge and expertise is amongst the best in business and his results and client testimonials speak for themselves.

Specialises in:

Body transformation, women’s fitness, corporate group fitness & boot camps, conditioning for young athletes.

Interesting Fact:

David spent the first 11 years of his life growing up in Luxembourg before relocating to the UK.

Do Ask David:

What is my body capable of? His answer may surprise you!

How is he going to get you through this?

Don’t Ask David:

Can we go out for a drink!?

Will I look masculine?

If you would like to read more detail about David then please check out his profile here. If, like many others have done, you feel that David is the perfect trainer for you and you would like a consultation with him then please call us on 07837 515999 or complete our Enquiry Contact Form here.

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Toby Williamson Personal Trainer

I have recently moved into the area to Study Bsc Strength & Conditioning Science at St Mary’s University. Born and raised in North Devon I am looking forward to the challenges and experiences of working and studying in the city.
With a background of sport, predominantly rugby, I moved into the world of functional fitness. Using a combination of elements applied by CrossFitters, sports players and athletes, with the basic principles of overload, progression, strength & hypertrophy and a heavy focus on efficiency of effectiveness I look to improve performance across the whole body.
I am also involved with the Tag Rugby Trust and have worked as a volunteer coach in Romania then as Tour leader, once more in Romania and a following 3 times in Zambia.



  • British Colleges of Sport & CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer of the Year 2013


  • CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • RFU Level 2 Strength & Conditioning
  • BTEC Extended Diploma in Sports Performance & Excellence
  • Level 2 Community Sports Leadership Award
  • IRB Rugby Ready RFU Rugby Leaders Award
  • TRT Tag Rugby Coach
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Sophie Pascall Personal Trainer

Sophie Pascall Personal Trainer Originally from Cheltenham Sophie is a country girl at heart, spending her childhood running around fields and riding horses; being active has always played an important role in her life. Though she played a variety of sports, rugby is in her blood and she’s spent the last 8 years involved in representative squads. At 20 she pursued her passion by qualifying as a Personal Trainer, and developed her knowledge over the next 7 years through self education and achieving a Subsidiary Diploma in Sports Coaching. Sophie’s sporting background meant she was completely immersed in the fitness industry, working with esteemed professionals whom she learnt a lot from.

“Fitness has really burst out onto the scene now, with more people trying to get active and finding reward and even enjoyment in keeping fit. I love all types of training and how it facilitates a variety of physical and mental goals. Keeping the body moving is so important and can promote so much more than just a physical change; it has such an impact on our mental and emotional state too, by giving us something to focus on and drive towards.”

Her appreciation for rehabilitation and more importantly, maintaining a fit and functional body through prehabilitation spilled into her Personal Training career. From her sporting background, Sophie understands firsthand how important maintaining good balance in the bodies kinetic chain is to facilitate optimum performance; and this is applicable in any type of training, to achieve any goal… whether it be aspiring to compete, losing weight or aiding in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Sophie’s favourite form of training is Olympic Lifting and Strength training to assist better movement in Sports Performance. After spending her rugby career training to support her sport and working with others to do the same, she has a real passion for putting the hours in at the gym to produce a top performance on the pitch.

As a performance athlete Strength and Conditioning has always been Sophie’s area of expertise, but her ethos will always be that any performance is dependent upon how well we move and how aware we are of our bodies. With that in mind she aims to educate others, to identify how to get their bodies working for them and reach their optimum potential. Sophie has recently taken her training down a different avenue by becoming a qualified Pilates Instructor. Though this is a significant contrast to Strength and Conditioning, Sophie believes that integrating the principles and techniques of Pilates into other forms of training will assist in achieving top performance.

“The concept of Pilates training is 100% transferable, and can be applied to any other form of training to gain a better understanding of how the body should be working for you; by engaging the inner unit stabilisers that are so often overseen, but are vital to achieve a whole body connection and reach your full potential.”

One of the most interesting things about Sophie is that she took a professional break from Personal Training to pursue a career in the Police Force. However her passion for teaching was still practiced when she qualified as Personal Safety Trainer, specialising in self defence techniques… certainly a contrast to the holistic approach of Pilates! Sophie’s experience in the fitness industry is without doubt a broad spectrum, from Classical Ballet and Swimming to Weight Lifting, Crossfit and Rugby.

“I feel this variety of disciplines has offered an expansive understanding of different individuals and how they operate, and I am very excited to add Pilates to this repertoire”.

One of Sophie’s biggest aspirations in life is to become an Olympic Athlete; currently training for GB Bobsleigh trials, she’s working hard with hopes that by the end of the year she’ll be one step closer!

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I have been training with Nath and NK Fitness regularly for three years now and have nothing but good things to say.

Sessions are well thought out and individual drills/exercises are effectively demonstrated to ensure you get maximum benefit from your training time.

Nathan's sessions offer great variety, rarely are two sessions the same which really helps to keep you engaged and working hard!

Nathan is hugely knowledgeable and will always offer support and advice in all aspects of your training.

His professional and friendly approach ensures that you both work hard and enjoy your sessions

Marc Wilson
Marc Wilson

Cant thank Nath enough for all the hard work and advise he has given me over the last couple of weeks getting me this new programme to work around my old one , he certainly is top of his game very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness , I would defiantly recommend him and NK fitness

Lindsay Pearce
Lindsay Pearce

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