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Improve your performance and unlock your full athletic potential

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Get professional advice about improving your strength and conditioning

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Get professional advice about improving your strength and conditioning

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Improving performance where it matters the most

With the overwhelming majority of our experience and expertise having been accrued supporting Olympians, elite athletes and high performers all over the world, we love to support competitive athletes.  The sole aim of our Strength & Conditioning programmes is to improve performance in the competitive arena and we base it around three performance tenets:

Can you Play
Keeping you Playing
Playing Harder

You don’t have to be elite performer to benefit from our S&C programmes or even a high performance athlete, but you do have to have a performance mentality and a genuine commitment to getting better.

Can you play? +

We’re not into creating ‘gym legends’ incapable of transferring their athletic capabilities to the competitive arena.  Your S&C programme will be highly specific to your individual needs relative to the demands of your sport (and playing position where appropriate).  First and foremost your programme must ensure that you can genuinely play with training techniques and loads selected on the basis that they will make you a better performer.

Keeping you Playing +

Sure, our programmes help to make you better athletes and performers, but we know that the ‘must do’ of realising your performance potential is to accumulate as many hours as possible actually playing your sport.  Therefore, we placed a heavy emphasis upon exercises and training activities that help to prevent injury, address muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions, keeping you fit and healthy to do the thing you love most – play sport!

As with all areas of your programme, this component of your programme will vary according to your sport, playing position, movement mechanics, training and injury histories.

Playing Harder +

This is used as the ‘sell’ for most S&C coaches but we aren’t that arrogant.  Our biggest value is in keeping you playing, but once that box is ticked, all aspects of your programme will be geared to increasing your competitive productivity.  We achieve this through meticulous periodised programming, appropriate cycling of training and recovery strategies, along expert coaching and education.

The S&C Team

You, the athlete, will be involved every step of the way from initial goal setting, through programme programming and review because we know that you understand your body best and how it is responding under the pressure of training competition.  Training with NK Fitness is a genuine partnership.

The S&C Lab on Your Doorstep

We will bring the S&C facility to you, selecting a venue based upon your needs and the latest research to support your training.  All of our interventions are evidenced based through a combination of the latest practical research along with our years of coaching experience.

Whatever your programme, we work hard on the COACHING aspect of S&C ensuring that you understand the how and why behind your schedule.  Regular monitoring through performance testing is used to feedback on your progress and inform the next step of your performance journey.

Training doesn’t stop at the cool down.  From recovery and nutritional guidance through to rehabilitation and preventative strengthening we will be giving you plenty to do and think about beyond the session!