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If you’ve already read our introductory pages it will be clear that we are a ‘Fad Free’ and ‘Ego Free’ zone – it really is all about you and achieving results.

Our clients come to us for many different reasons, which is why we have developed a highly flexible approach to our personal training packages.  Our personal training sessions need to be highly efficient – getting you the maximum return on your investment of time, energy and money. read more below for an insight into personal training with NK Fitness.


Bespoke, Mobile Personal Training

We like to kick things off with a free consultation during which we discuss all aspects of your training needs and the implications that this has for your programme.  This is an ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have about training with us.  By the end of the consultation you will have all of the information that you need to make the right choice for you moving forward.  And remember, it’s completely free with no obligation.

When it comes to the actual training sessions we will bring the gym, and all of the necessary equipment to you.  Our clients train wherever suits them best – this can be at home, an outdoor space or local facility.  The content of your sessions will vary according to:

Your training goals
The training environment
Your fitness and skill level (this is influenced by any previous training you have done)

Every session will begin with activation and movement drills that are specific to the goals of your programme, help to prevent injury and improve the quality of your movement.  No two training sessions are the same but some of the training may include:

Resistance training
Core Stability / Athletic Core
Endurance / CV conditioning
Mobility and Flexibility
Speed and Agility
Skill Development

Note that this list is not exclusive – we are continually adding new exercises and evolving our approaches to training that meet the growing needs of our clients.


Come one come all? +


Don’t misunderstand, we’re excellent at what we do but rest assured we won’t pull the ‘wool over your eyes’ – if we’re not 100% confident that we can give you exactly what you need then we wont take you on.  We understand that achieving health, fitness and performance goals needs to be highly specific and will refer to appropriate experts if your needs fall outside of expertise or capacity.

Beyond the session +

What you do in between supervised personal training sessions is more important that the sessions themselves.  That’s why your support doesn’t stop at the end of the training session.  We like to support our clients with nutrition guidance, additional workouts to be completed at home as well as much needed motivation to keep up the great work away from the training arena.

Plan, do, review +

The success that you enjoy will not happen by chance.  Through a continual process of planning goals and training to fit your personal and lifestyle needs through to their implementation and repeated reviews of progress we are confident its simply a matter of time before you realise your potential.

All over great training! +

As you can tell from our trainer profiles page, we’ve supported athletes and clients all over the world.  Based in Ascot and South West London we serve a loyal client base in Berkshire and Surrey as well as South West and Central London.  Please click on the relevant venue page below to find out more about personal training near you.

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