NK Fitness are fast establishing themselves as a leading provider of personal training and fitness training throughout Central and South West London with their unique brand of fun, effective and bespoke workouts that get clients the results that they want in the way that they want to achieve them.  Founded by Master Personal Trainer, Nathan Kelly, we have accumulated years of experience in meeting and exceeding the goals and expectations of clients that include Olympians, Professional Rugby and Football Players, and leading business / media professionals.
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Coming from a performance sports background our philosophy is simple – to provide all clients with effective, efficient training that gets results.  Our personable and friendly approach combined with our expert experience and knowledge ensures that you get the right workout for you as we tailor everything to suit your needs and circumstances.  With the training heading in the right direction we are keen that clients enjoy their personal training experience so that you maintain regular exercise and physical activity as part of your on going lifestyle.    You don’t simply get a ‘tough workout’ but you get the ‘right workout’. This means performing exercise techniques correctly, distributing effort appropriately and efficiently throughout workouts, and balancing the right types of training throughout the week. Such attention to detail, along with years of experience to adapt sessions based upon the clients responses, ensures that clients achieve maximum results, safely.

Bespoke, Mobile Richmond Personal Training

We bring the training to you throughout Richmond so that you get to train at the venue most suited to your goals and circumstances.  Our personal training sessions can take place at your home or use the many wonderful open spaces that Richmond has to offer.  Nearby parks such as Old Dear Park and Richmond Park, along with the River Thames offer plenty of scope for all types of personal training session.  So whether you require flat, open space of the playing fields for crossfit training, a more challenging interval session at the athletics track to develop your endurance, or the local steps to develop your speed and power, your NK Fitness personal trainer in Richmond will suggest the right venue to suit your training goals.


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