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Training for Young People and Junior Athletes

If you’re looking for the best ‘age appropriate’  physical training for your child then you’re in good hands.  Whether they are a talented junior athlete or you’re simply looking to instill a sound level of physical literacy and a healthy love of physical activity we are perfectly placed to help you.

We support an ever-growing number of young people on their individual journeys through high performance sport or towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle.  Our approach is firmly rooted in the latest research on youth physical activity and fitness habits and our delivery refined through our many years of working with and coaching young people.  Regardless of performance level our aim is simple – to help people young realise their potential whilst keeping the ‘magic’ alive for them.


Getting it Right for Junior Athletes

Excelling as a junior athlete is challenging on many levels.  We look to minimise these pressures by providing simple ‘age appropriate’ training interventions:

  • Consistent with models of Long Term Athlete Development
  • Broad training curriculum to reduce movement skills gaps and maximise all round physical literacy
  • Continual education of ‘how’ and ‘why’ do produce self starters and smart trainers
  • Highlighting the enjoyment in movement and coaching with personality to foster a ‘genuine passion’ for the training process
  • Providing positive role models for young people and ownership of their programme and destiny. Everybody involved every step of the way.  We are all ‘In’.
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