Not everyone wants ‘wash board’ abs but there is no denying that many of like the idea of having a flat stomach and ridding themselves of any unwanted waistline overhang. However, whilst the desire is present, the thought of what it takes to achieve can be daunting for many. Whilst specific exercise and strict dieting do play a part in maintaining a slim and healthy waistline we also highlight some other important factors that could impact on your stomach immediately. Here, in our latest blog Fulham leading personal trainer Nathan Kelly provides his Top 5 guide to flat belly heaven!


Your stomach can immediately change shape for the better if you practice sitting and standing properly.Excessive sitting and slouching causes us to tilt the pelvis and the muscles of the stomach to bulge forwards. Standing and sitting up straight, along with improving joint mobility can return us to a more natural posture put that stomach back in its place.


Intentionally ranked ahead of exercise, sensible nutrition is key to achieving a flat stomach.Establishing a negative energy balance through proper nutrition and monitoring your calorie intake is important to reduce the layer of body fat that accumulates around the stomach.

However, to achieve results quickly you will be wise to avoid foods that result in bloating due to the fact that make you produce a lot of gas.High fat foods and high fiber vegetables such as leeks, onions, cabbage and brussel sprouts are ones to avoid.


In addition to using the muscles of the abdomen and core more actively through appropriate posture, exercising them will help them to build and therefore become more prominent and defined.If it’s fat burning that you’re looking for then 30-60 minutes of daily whole body exercise will contribute to a negative energy balance that see you shred the wobbly stuff.


Drinking plenty of water throughout the day (8-10 glasses and more to account for exercise) can prevent the body from retaining water within the muscle cells.Being properly hydrated actually prevents bloating.Furthermore, adequate hydration is also important in the metabolism of body fat to be used as fuel for physical activity.


Many of our personal training clients lead busy, hectic schedules that allow little time for rest and relaxation.When we analyse people’s nutrition and lifestyle choices it’s no coincidence that they make their worst ones when they are tired.In short, you need to bring you’re ‘A Game’ if you are to have a flat stomach for the long term.

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This article was written by personal fitness trainer Nathan Kelly – find on Google+