A personal trainers perspective (5 ways to motivate yourself through winter)

Through the winter there are many people who would much rather spend there evening inside. Away from the cold weather and the dark nights. It seems like its in our DNA to hibernate during the winter. However due to our western way of life we have to work during the day. This seems like we are getting up with the dark and going home with the dark. It makes you feel like the only thing you want to do is stay in.

You really don’t want to go to the gym because everything you do is based on the weather. If its cold outside you wont go to the gym and if it’s raining outside you definitely wont go. Its almost like we are scared of the weather. I agree that it can be horrible outside but once you have pushed passed the front door. You might as well have completed your workout.

If you find it hard to go to the gym from home because you wont want to go out after you have sat down, had a cup of tea and made yourself comfortable. I am going to tell you a couple ways that will make this part of your day easier to manage.

Manage your motivation

No1. Go from work to the gym or the gym to work.

Instead of going from home to the gym. Go straight from work to the gym this will take care of the lost motivation once you get in your from door. The other option is to workout in the morning before work. This time of day is much harder because its like waking up in the middle of the night. But once the workout is complete you can be at work before 8am.

No2. The next step is to find a gym partner.

This can be someone who is a friend or colleague. These are the guys that can motivate you and  it really help. For example you receive a txt from him/her asking if your working out this evening. There is no other answer than YES.

No.3 Listen to your gym music in your car on the way to the gym.

This will get your body motivated and ready to workout. Make sure you listen to different music when you workout compared when your relaxing. Then your body will get ready for what your workout entails.

No.4 Have a plan for every day of the week.

Having a plan for what you do at the gym each day of the week will get you motivated to complete the workout. If you don’t it will sit in the back of your head until it is complete.

No.5 Make your workout a fun experience.

You will never see me running on the treadmill because it gets tediously. I push myself to see what new accomplishment I can achieve in the gym. This could be lifting a heavier weight or lifting a weight for more reps. You would have achieved a new goal.

The other option is to join a group workout class to push you through the tough times. A group workout environment is a social but pushy one. You will never want to the the one who can’t do the exercise or is always slacking. Being on show to a group of like minded people will motivate you more.

Last word

As a personal trainer in Windsor working out during the winter is to make sure that your mood is boosted as well as to prevent weight gain.