City fit: how to get fit if you live in the city of London?

If you live in the city and want to become city fit then you need to read this article. There are lots of people who live in our capital, almost 9 million. They all have to stay fit somehow, we all know that even getting through the city on foot is tough. Especially if you’re walking up so many stairs just to get around. Being fit in the city is a must but I’m going to tell you a way you can get fit without having to walk up so many tube stations and most likely make your life a lot easier.

Cycle to and from work

If you live and work in the city the best way to actually get around is by bike. There is no waiting except for at traffic lights. You don’t have to get boiling hot on the Bakerloo line. Sometimes taking the tube can be much harder than a small cycle. You go straight from your home to your destination. The peddle power will get you fit and healthy and get you to work in time. Also you’ll save one money in the process, it’s literally a win win.

Walk or run to work

Now London like any other city is beautiful and walking to places can be tough with all the distractions. If you live 2-3 miles away from work you could put your trainers on and walk in to the office. Be sure to leave a little earlier than usual so that you get in on time. You never know you might get in way before people on the tube because you have all the power in your hands. Rather than the Transport for London telling you there might be a delay.

Play any sport

We have amazing parks from Battersea to Hyde park and they all have loads of open space to run and exercise. I know that Battersea park has football, tennis, and loads of other facilities. The public can use at any time. Being outdoor is great for the body and will give you a lift when-ever you need it. And in the winter when it a bit dark you can play indoor sport. This city has everything to offer and if you live in London you don’t have any excuses. So get yourself city fit by playing sport.

The trainers thought:

As a personal trainer who works with many individuals, this is the sort of exercise that I set them to do outside the sessions with me to be city fit. Having an active life leads to having better health. Therefore, making sure that you do something every day will help towards your overall goals.