The guilt trip

We’ve all been there…looking out of your car window, heating turned up full blast or windscreen wipers on full speed and seen someone outside….at this time of night….in this weather…..running!!

Then later, as you’re enjoying a glass of wine or some desert, the guilt trip!  Surely I should be out running too…even if it is wet, cold and miserable? If that person can make them selves do it then I should as well.  Right??


Exercise necessity

People quite often think of exercise as a necessity.  We all sometimes look at ourselves and think we’d better drop a few pounds or think we’d look better with a more shapely waist line. The only issue is most people don’t like ‘exercise’ or what we perceive effective exercise to be.

But what about the enjoyment? No one wants to run in the rain, cold or dark? Not even those nutters we’ve all seen through the car window!!

The good news is….you don’t have to!

The most important part about anyones fitness journey, be it for fat loss, fitness or athletic performance is that you enjoy it!

Finding something you enjoy doing, means it isn’t a chore to peel yourself off the sofa after a hard day of work.  Or turn down that glass of wine on a Thursday evening.

Yes, following the intense training program of a top athlete or a fitness cover model might be the quickest way to get some results but are you going to enjoy the process?

If you throw yourself headfirst into a program you don’t enjoy, takes up too much time and robs you of things you do enjoy like social time or your favourite foods is only going to end one way…..back at square one!


Fitness is Fun!

Find something you enjoy doing, from sports, activities with friends and family to keep more active or hiring a professional coach to get personalised session plans to suit your needs and lifestyle is a much more effective and sustainable way of getting and staying in the shape you want to be!

Fitness is all about small, consistent changes and goals, not punishing yourself with things you don’t enjoy our something you can’t maintain…so put down your old running trainers and start having more fun!