Gym membership? Do you really need one to stay fit and healthy?

It’s a wonderful time of year Berkshire. The sun is shining and even I questions my gym membership. You might think this is strange coming from a personal trainer. However, like I said in the title ‘Do you really need one to stay fit and healthy?’. The short answer is no you don’t need a gym membership. There are many things you can do at home or in the local parks that will keep you fit.

What to do outside?

When you have canceled your gym membership you might start to think about what to do. If your anything like me I keep an eye out for outdoor gyms that I can use with my personal training client. You need to find yourself an outdoor gym with a great outdoor space. Like Imperial park in Windsor or Victory Field in Ascot.

All you need to do is bring a mat and maybe a kettlebell if you have one. Start doing body weight exercises in variable sets just like you would do at the gym. Maybe you can start building up your sprint speed. This one burns a tone of kcals and will change your body dramatically.

Start walking or cycling to places

If its lovely weather outside there is no need for you to be in the gym. We have a short summer as it is and it gives you more or an opportunity to spend time outside getting your vitamin D. By cycling to a destination with a friend and having a coffee and then cycling back can have you fit in no time. The same can be said for a walk in the hills or in the Berkshire countryside.

If you don’t live to far away from work and don’t need your car when your at work then walk or cycle. This will improve your mood and will keep you fit and healthy.

What can I do with the saved money?

A gym membership can cost around 400 pound a year depending on where you live. You couch either save the extra cash or you could invest in some quality equipment that you can use at home or in the parks that you now train in. Equipment isn’t expensive and can be very useful for exercising different parts of the body.

You could even get yourself some personal training sessions. If you don’t know what to do but fancy the chance to work outdoors. Then a PT can come and visit you at home or in a local park. Where you will ave 100% attention. This will make you learn a whole lot more and won’t make you feel like your being taken for a ride every month with the gym membership payment that you don’t get anything for.