Last weeks blog post discussed what factors people need to consider when opting to work out and exercise at home.  Many people enjoy working out at home.  We have advised many of our Ascot personal training clients on what to buy for their home exercise routine.  Building upon that, we now look at common pieces of equipment that people choose and gain the most value from.  Home fitness equipment was the topic of the Facebook Go Live session last week.  Starting with the basics here is what we came up with:


The power of bodyweight

Use bodyweight and master it.  Gravity ensures that bodyweight can be used to provide a very good resistance stimulus.  Aside from the standard squats, sit ups, burpees and push ups, purchasing a suspension training device or using facilities available at the local park can offer plenty of variety.  Those with a bit of a training history need to get more creative so it may be worth checking out gymnastic variations and single limb exercises.  Rest assured, bodyweight training has a place in every training schedule from beginner to advanced athlete.


Resistance bands

Resistance bands come in variety of strengths and lengths.  Some are designed with handles whereas others are looped.  Smaller minibands are excellent for developing glute strength and control.  Obviously, resistance bands can be anchored to a fixed point in order to provide external resistance for a variety of exercises.  However, they can also be used to assist in difficult bodyweight movements.  For example, athletes will often use bands to assist in pull ups.  Like cables, banded resistance offers lots of scope for sports specific movements.  They also have the added benefit of being cheap and space saving.



Kettlebells are hands down a better option than dumbbells for those wanting to add external resistance.  The weight distribution of a kettlebell means that it is excellent for exercises that target the posterior chain.  Kettlebells can be used to perform any exercise that is performed by dumbbells.  However, they can also be used for swings variations, olympic style lifts and bottom up grip holds that give more bang for the buck.   Take care to learn exercises properly before loading up the weight on kettlebells though.  Seek the instruction of an Ascot Personal Trainer to learn proper form.


Slam Balls

Medicine slam ball is next on our list.  Kettlebell and dumbbell  exercises require an element of deceleration at the end of each movement.  A lot of sports require acceleration through a movement, such as running and jumping.  Other examples include throwing and striking activities.  Medicine Slam Balls can be thrown against hard surfaces, provided the surface can withstand the force, huge advantage is that these can be accelerated and so add an explosive element to the programme.  Therefore, medicine balls are a nice power addition to the equipment inventory as well opening up a host of rotational exercises.


Dumbells and Barbells

Finally, it’s looking like dumbbell and barbell territory.  Adjustable sets are preferable as they can then be used for a variety of exercises.  When deciding between the two, it is important to relate back to your training goals.   These items are not as expensive as you might think and you can get some great deals via used websites or new deals at places such as Strength Shop and Powerhouse Fitness.