Interactive training: Training with your client not just training your client

You might have a vision of what personal training is. Some people might have the view that it is tough and not fun at all let alone interactive. Yes, there are some some exercises that can’t be as done as a pair and these are essential for results. Whereas there are many other interactive training exercises to get the client moving and excited about exercising. So instead to dreading the experience of training with a trainer. They will start to look forward to training with you.

What doubles exercises are there?

There are many interactive training exercises that a personal trainer can do with a client. Some involve having equipment and some are done with your own body weight. For instance, you can use a medicine ball to play a resisted catching exercise or you can race. The race will push them harder than they would usually. It’s like having a training partner but there in the session to push and coach you through it.

What does it do for the client?

As humans we are always comparing ourselves to others. Whether it be by shape, looks or ability. We do it, it’s almost a function that we as humans can’t stop. With this in mind the only way to get better is to fail a couple of times and then you will suddenly start to push harder. Trying to outwork your personal trainer. This way is another way to keep the client accountable. And it shows that the personal trainer can do everything that he/she is showing you to do.

Who would enjoy it?

When training a client in Imperial park I see a lot of people walking past my training sessions wondering. If they would enjoy a session, they see me working out with my client boxing, using a medball and running with them. Now if they had me as a trainer would they try harder than if they went to the gym by themselves. YES YES YES, there is no doubt that a personal trainer from NK Fitness can help anyone who is in need of some extra training or conditioning.

Last thought

As a personal trainer in Windsor I have found that a lot more people say hello to you in the parks than in any gym. This is 6,7, or 8 o’clock in the morning in Bachelors Acre. And I think that 90 percent of people who walk past say hello with a smile on their face. They are active out walking on the way to work which makes them feel good. I return the smile and a simple ‘good morning’ whilst training my client with some boxing routines. Sometimes I feel like walkers by are wondering what I’m doing with my client because some of the time it’s interactive training. That they have never done or seen before.