The free personal training consultation.  It is nothing new.  Nor is it exclusive!  However, the consultation process is a crucial part of a personal trainer’s role.  The consultation forms represents the beginning of a clients relationship with their fitness coach, and can set the tone for any training that may follow.  Therefore, it’s important to get them right.  Here, we outline the NK Fitness approach to getting the most from a personal training consultation for both the trainer and the client.


Establish clear goals

If you look at the consultation sloley as an opportunity to ‘sell yourself’  then you run the risk of falling short.  The consultation is the time to decide whether fitness coach and client are suited to each other.  Personal training is a partnership.  Clients must be comfortable that their new coach is going to get them where they want to be in a manner that suits them best.  Equally, a trainer must feel that the client is also a good fit for them.

  1.  Dont waste time sharing general information.  The client will have learned about you from the website.  Collect all of the general information about exercise history, general goals and lifestyle via email before meeting up.
  2. Be specific!  Highly specific!  Wishy washy goals get wishy washy results.  Help the client zero in on exactly what they wish to achieve – that way you can develop more specific programme suggestions.  Informing a client of the detailsof their options gives them confidence.  It also enables them to make their decision more easily.
  3. Be genuine.  Fitness coaching is a relationship – they need to meet the real you and vice versa.  Training sessions can drag on if you don’t click on a social / personal level too!  This doesn’t mean finding a new BFF!

The personal training consultation is one of most dynamic and exciting parts of the job.  It’s new business.  AT NK Fitness we pride oursleves on a high rate of conversions from our consultations.  We atribute this to being honest, genuine and specific.