Samantha is a very successful in the telecoms corporate world.  This success is the result of years of hard graft and smart decision making.  Like many successful people Sams has always been very health conscious, and planned physical activity has been a part of her routine.  A healthy body and healthy mind!  When working in London Sam’s commute involved a train and tube journey into the office.  Inadvertently Sam completed 10,000 steps each day as a result of her job!  Add in a few high intensity exercises classes / training sessions and Sam had physical activity nailed.  Historically, Sam wasn’t using personal training to get fit.

Fast forward a few promotions, starting a family and a pandemic, and the picture is very different.  Through no fault of her own Sam now struggles to achieve the same level of physical activity in her weeks.  Working from home predominantly now means that Sam has to make a conscious decision to move.  Trying to simply hit her step count each day has become a pressure because it’s hard to drag herself away from the screen.  Especially when a third party keeps scheduling her attendance at never ending Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings!

The changing face of PT

PT session used to be Sams ‘icing on the cake’.  A chance for her to focus on weightlifting and gymnastics, and the elements of fitness that got her motor running.  Now they’re often her only genuine chance at being physically active – and this generates an added pressure around the sessions making them potentially less enjoyable. Sam is using personal training to get fit.

Sam’s story is not unique.  Now more than ever we are having to make a conscious decision to move.  A technological revolution has reduced the need for physical labour, and the worldwide pandemic has led to more ‘work from home’. Simply moving enough during the day is becoming a real challenge.