Last week we turned down a client that wanted ten sessions per week!  If you work in the fitness business, are a personal trainer or S&C coach, then you will know that this is a significant amount of work to turn down.  To make it even better, the client wanted 2 hours each day and were flexible with times during the middle of the day.  Financially and logistically this is a great enquiry to have.  So why did we turn it away?  Here we share some of the principles that follow with NK Fitness when developing our fitness business.


Dont have too many eggs in one basket

Or generate too much of your income from one client source.  If and when a client leaves, we do not want them leave a big hole in the business, or gaps in the diary.  It is very difficult to fill 10 sessions per week in the middle of the day.  This particular enquiry comes at a time when gyms and spas are closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  The client wished to maintain a programme whilst their gym was closed.  There is no gaurantee that they will have continued with sessions once the gyms and spa’s open their doors once more.


Have clients with clear directions

The client in question wished to spread the sessions throughout their family of four.  When asked about goals for training and fitness history the conversation ran dry very quickly.  Clients who are unable to indentify or share their goals lack direction.  In turn this becomes very difficult to programme and deliver as a fitness coach.  One of the reasons we find personal training as rewarding as S&C with athletes is because all of our clients have their sights set on clear targets.


Your most important clients are the existing clients

The Covid-19 lockdown caused many of our clients to move to online or remote coaching.  The financial, social and emotional issues raised by the pandemic mean that some of our existing clients have yet to return to training.  However, they do have every intention to do so once it’s safe.  Filling time slots that currently free because of the pandemic is not good business.  It is a short term gain at the expense of loyal clients with a  proven track record.


Leave room for fitness business growth

Adding ten extra sessions to an already comprehensive diary would leave no room for business development.  At NK Fitness we have directions that we wish to grow the business.  This takes time to develop and will require space in the diary once those oppotunities come to fruition.  Sacrificing short term financial gain for medium term business growth and success is a worthwhile trade off for us.  Sometimes the best deals you do are the ones that you don’t do!

NK Fitness are passionate about what they do and take the business of fitness seriously.  If you are driven to achieve as an athlete at any level of sport then we can help you achieve your athletic potential in line with those goals.  Similarly, if you are determined to improve health and fitness we would love to discuss how we may be able to help you.