If you want it enough, you will get it.  When it comes to achieving goals, it’s that simple.  Reports of incredible feats of strength in life threatening situations.  Movie stars getting into amazing shape for a starring role in a blockbuster movie.  Everyday people transforming their health after a health scare or illness.  In all of these situations, people achieve their goals.  Why?  Because it matters to them enough that they do whatever it takes to achieve it.  These people will make time for health and fitness.  So why do most of us fall short of our goals?  The answer is simple, there’s a mismatch between the goal and our motivation to achieve it.


What do I really want?

This is the most important question.  When dealing with new enquiries we will often hear the phrases …


“I want to tone up”

“I want to lose some fat”

“My diet is generally good”


These comments are very general and extremely common.  They are suitable generalisations of suitable targets but they lack clarity.  The lack of clarity is a reflection of not wanting the goal enough.  If you start with a general goal it’s important to peel back the layers and define what it actually looks like in real life.  That way you’re more likely to make time for health and fitness.


Get specific with your goals and you will find them much easier to plan for and achieve.  Contact us if you would like more help with reaching your health and fitness goals.