World class fitness training programmes aren’t hard to find.  Open up the pages of any fitness magazine, and even newspapers on a regular basis, and you are treated to the workout tips of the stars.  Sports stars and celebrities are often asked to share their workout routines with us.  Many people will follow these routines in an attempt to emulate the super fit.  In addition to this, there are also plenty of companies (including ourselves at NK Fitness) who offer online programming for people looking to get fit or improve their competitive performance.  However, what constitutes the “world class fitness programme”?  Here we highlight some of the pitfalls of programming versus coaching.


The value of fitness programming

Many people struggle with knowing what to do when it comes to fitness training.  There are so many exercises to chose from.  There are also so many different ways to use these exercises.  It’s no wonder people can find it overwhelming.  Following a pre-written programme can take the guess work away.  The so called world class fitness programme is likely to contain exercises relevant to the programmes goal.  It is also likely to blend them in such a way to cover all necessary bases, (think muscle balance and injury prevention).  Herein lies the value of programming.  The client does not have to invest head space in designing their training.


The non value of fitness programming

However, like everything in life, the quality of programming is variable depending upon it’s creator.  Often described as ‘cookie cutter’ programs it’s relevance to any individual can be questioned.  Just because a program worked for a world class athlete does not mean it will work for you.  Similarly, novel exercises and sophisticated loading systems do not mean that said program will be more effective than a more traditional approach.  Elaborate programmes are therefore not effective for everyone.  World Class fitness programmes do not promise world class results for everyone.  In fact, they are not relevant for most people.


The need for specificity and coaching

Genuine progress towards your goals comes from consistently working on the areas that are specific to you.  Therefore, the best programmes are those that are written with you in mind.  A programme that addresses your goals, muscles imbalances, movement skills, injury history and nutrition status will always beat a generic cookie cutter alternative.  If this programme is simple by design but right for the client then it is superior to a ‘so called’ elaborate programme.

Other important factors in programme success are coaching and adherence.  If the athlete or client does not adhere fully to the programme then they undermine it.  Often, the elaborate, sophisticated programme is difficult to follow outside of full time athlete status.  Completing 100% of a basic programme is better than completing 95% of a world class fitness programme.   A half arsed approach will always produce half arsed results!  This is where coaching comes in.  The ability of a coach to observe, review and discuss performance during the programme is invaluable.  Being able to adapt exercises and loading to suit an athletes progress can maximise development.  Coaches are able to adapt a programme to an athletes situational needs on any given day.

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