Balancing Training: cardio, strength training and mobility for a better lifestyle

If you do to much one of thing (cardio, strength training or mobility) you will start to see the results you don’t want to see. Balancing training is the same in fitness as it is in life. You eat to much and you get fat, you don’t stretch or mobilise and you will have a tight body.

Don’t just do one

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I see a lot with a minimal workout plan. It’s either to much of either cardio, strength training or mobility. If you are just going to run on the tred mill and expect your body to be amazing, don’t even bother going to the gym. To much running or HIIT work will make your hamstrings tight. Strength training to much will make your body look great on the outside however is your heart ticking correctly to be able to feed the muscles with the right amount of blood. there is always a tipping point. To much of one thing doesn’t give you the results you want or need.

Doing a mixture

I believe in a hybrid workout, now this isn’t for everyone who want specific results. However for the public who would like to to good, feel good and stay physical until they reach a future age. This is what you may be looking for. In a workout there should be cardio, strength training and mobility.

Typical training session:

10 minutes of mobility

30 minutes Strength training

10 minutes of cardio (Mainly interval HIIT training)

10 minutes of stretching at the end.

This is the layout of what a training session could look like if your where to spend an hour in the gym. The variables can be changed to be longer if you where to spend more time or less during your workout.

Reason for mobility

I add mobility into a session as a warm up because it’s a great way to get the body moving and mobile. The movements can be specific to your workout and can incorporate some issues you may be having in day to day life. For example back pain.

Reason for strength training

Strength training is the best way to increase muscle on your body and the more muscle you have the more calories your body is able to consume. Having muscle is completely natural to keep our bodies strong. The muscle also gives the body its shape, improving your posture and making it more aesthetic.

Reason for cardio

Well, I shouldn’t have to explain this one. We all have a heart that we need to keep good care of. we only have one and to look after it we have to train it. Cardio in the form on HIIT will make sure your heart is healthy. HIIT work also increases the chances of excess fat lose.

Reason to stretch

stretching is done after a session to make sure the muscle is return to it’s original position. It can get tight after a hard workout so be sure to stretch out the muscles you used during your workout. Stretching can decease the chances of you having problems with tight posterior chain muscles. Which can give you a number of different problems.

Last thought

Keep the strength training, cardio and mobility variable alive during your workouts and you shouldn’t have a problem whilst training.