Fitness Bootcamp sessions have remained popular in recent years.  A cheap, sociable and varied way to exercise.  Bootcamps help hundreds of thousands of people get fit.  Many people use these sessions as their main way to improve fitness.  Whilst better than nothing, here we talk through some limitations of only using Fitness Bootcamp as your weekly exercise.


Fun and varied fitness

Fitness Bootcamp fitness doesn’t require much thinking.  That’s one of it’s major appeals.  Simply rock up and do as you’re told!  Classes will cater for the masses by doing a little bit of everything.  A combination of resistance, cardio, core and mobility training will cater for the varying needs of any Ascot Fitness BootCamp group.  Therefore, they are ‘best fit’ for the general public.  The downside of this is that they are not a perfect session for anyone.

Doing only Bootcamp training can leave some important aspects of fitness neglected.  Areas of muscle imbalance, immobility or previous injury may go unattended.   This will lead to issues later down the line.  A simple solution is to ask your bootcamp personal trainer for some exercises that can be done in your own time.  These will not take up much time and they may just keep you healthy for longer too.


The fitness bootcamp obsession with calories and training load

Modern sedentary lifestyles mean we are burning less calories through physical activity.  In turn, when we do exercise we need to work efficiently and maximise our output.  Bootcamps will maximise calorie expenditure by using high intensity exercise as much as possible.  Exercises are simple therefore enabling people to exercise fast.  The trouble with this approach is that it can compromise quality of movement.  Half reps or poor quality movement limit fitness gains in the long term.  Take time to go slower and use full range for maximum benefit.


One Fitness Bootcamp session is not enough

Hectic lifestyles are leaving less time for exercise.  Fitness and physical activity is becoming a lower priority for people.  It is not uncommon for people to do just one session each week.   Doing just one session a week will not improve fitness over time.  Therefore, work capacity will not increase.  Exercise will not get easier.  Make time to perform extra training in the week.  Even if it’s just 20 minutes.  Adding an extra fitness training stimulus will give a better return on investment.  Fitness Bootcamp sessions will also begin to feel easier too!


At NK Fitness we work hard to address these issues.  Our fitness bootcamp sessions emphasise quality movement over everything else.  We also recommend additional training that clients can fit into the week.