With the summer fast approaching we’ve recently expanded our Boot Camp programme in Ascot.  We want you to get the most from your Boot Camp training and here’s how to do it.


Outdoor Bootcamps are a great way to get fit at this time of year

I don’t know about you but I’m so pleased to see that the arrival of British Summer Time with the changing of the clocks.  Despite the crazy weather, with the imminent threat of Easter snow in the media, longer days and generally warmer temperatures have improved my mood significantly.  With Spring in the air, everyone begins to look forward to the warmth of the summer.  Whilst the seasons are by no means predictable, longer and warmer days make it a great time to get outside.   NK Fitness Boot Camps take advantage of working out in the fresh air rather than crowded air conditioned gyms.


 Find a boot camp that improves your movement

Listen, at the end of the day, within reason most forms of exercise are going to have a positive effect on your health and fitness.  Anything which promotes movement and physical activity is a good thing, provided it’s done safely.  However, too many boot camps instructors can fall into the trap of stringing together random whole body movements that add up to a physical beasting.  Try to find a boot camp where ‘moving well’ is a priority.  If this is the case then you are likely to be ‘coached’ in your technique.  Being coached is good thing people!  It will improve how you do things and give you more return on your investment.


Don’t get lost in the boot camp crowd

People that know me will realise this is a big ‘peev’ of mine.  Classes that are too big are easy to hide in.  Too many clients in a session means that you don’t get the individual attention that you deserve.  As an experienced group fitness and boot camp instructor the maximum number I feel for any class is 20.  Numbers beyond this lead to a drop in quality of instruction and coaching.


Work against the clock and only measure against yourself

We live in a highly competitive world and it isn’t going to change anytime soon.  Social media is largely responsible for skewing our perception of acceptable fitness.  Therefore, boot camps can be intimidating for some.  We often hear people say ‘I’m not fit enough for your class’ or ‘I wont be able to keep up’.  However, these people are missing the point.  A good bot camp class will often work using blocks of time.  Therefore, everyone starts and finishes at the same time.  It also means that you can go at a pace that suits you, so you don’t have to suffer the indignity of everyone watching you finish dead last.   We work hard to put encourage people to work at their own pace.  After all, they’re going to be working at the same relative intensity.


Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

I’ve always wanted to use that line in a blog!  Whilst similar to the previous point, it’s important to learn what your body is capable of.  Too often we see people ‘fly out of the blocks’ and then grind to a halt before the end of the set or session.  The fitness world seems to be hell bent on HIIT training because of it’s purported superior fitness gains and ‘get fit quick’.  However, if you don’t know your body’s capacity well then you are likely to get less from yourself than if you paced yourself early on.  The key is to get as much work done as possible in the time available – rarely is this achieved by sprinting from the go!


NK Fitness offer Boot Camp sessions in Ascot and Bracknell areas for people of all abilities.  Our very experienced personal trainers deliver sessions that work you at the right level, maximising your work output and fitness gains.  We pride ourselves on our ability to coach the individual within the group environment.  We address movement patterns as well as fitness.  For more information on our boot camps please contact us here.