With the CrossFit Open coming to an end and competing at Inferno Racing Pairs competition in London, I’m tired. This is the first time I have successfully completed a full years training, relatively to plan and without significant time out due to injuries. The Open went better than I could have expected and we can 5th at Inferno. I am now tired and I’ve had A week off training and I can’t stop eating. The best part about it? I don’t care!


What’s Wrong With Me?

Well, nothing. It’s all about balance and being happy with the decisions you are making. Throughout out the build up and completion of the open I have been as strict as I ever have with training and eating. I didn’t go full on Tupperware king and take scales out to restaurants, but I did take a lot more care than normal. I followed the plan with training and resisted jumping in with others.

Now is the time to ignore it all. In the past week I have only trained twice, even then I have gone in without the hint of a plan. It is nice to just relax and go by feel not having to think about about anything really. So nothing is wrong with me, I’m just having some time off.

It is also just one week, my world isn’t going to end and i wont turn into Mr Blobby.


Monday Never Comes

Lots of people give love to give themselves an excuse as to why then can delay the start of a program or lifestyle change. Although my week off has been great, I’m looking forward to regaining some structure and getting back into the swing of things.

What have I been doing if I haven’t been training? Throughout the week I have been slowly but surely putting a plan together for the next year, again I haven’t put any pressure on myself to do this. Bit by bit, block by block I have been building my schedule to start next week. I get excited when i do this, I get to look ahead and think “this is cool, I get to do all this stuff”.

For me, Monday WILL come. I have a plan but I also have people holding me accountable. I have shared my plans with a number of people and they have told me (honestly) what they think. From here it has evolved to what I can see in the next tab of my internet. Im genuinely excited for Monday!


This Works For Me

It’s important to note that I am not encouraging binge eating and losing the plot for a week, don’t miss the point. This week has been a chance to relax the reigns a little and develop a sense of balance. It works for me as it makes me hungry (ironically) for what is to come.

As Leading Personal Trainers in Richmond and West London, we will continually work to find what works best for you! If you’re the kind of person who 100% needs a strict plan, then cool that’s what we’ll do. If you work better with small increments over time and a bit of leeway here and there, then that’s cool too.