AscotAt NK Fitness we very recently employed our first apprentice.  One of the very first conversations with them centred around the skills that we were looking to see them develop.  Exercise knowledge was not top of the list.  This may come as a surprise to some people.  Communication was actually our number one skill on the development list.  And here in liest the difference between gaining clients and keeping them.


Who wants a fat dietician?

I would much rather have a fat pastry chef, and a lean dietician.  Why?  Well it gives some credibility to their product, right?  The same is very true of personal training and strength & conditioning.  People looking to invest in Ascots leading personal trainers want to feel that their new coach can ‘walk the walk’.  This doesn’t mean that every trainer has to look like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’.  Personal trainers have to be fit for purpose and therefore body image can go a long way to generating first impressions that clients have found the right person.  Being able to practice what you preach for your clients is an important aspect of gaining clients in Ascot and Sunningdale.


Doing what it says on the tin

So you look the part, good start!  As a leading personal trainer in Ascot at face value you look like you know what you’re doing!  However, the next step in building credibility is being able to deliver your product.  This is where exercise knowledge and technical expertise is important.  There is certainly a minimum level of knowledge required to plan and administer safe and effectve sessions for clients.  It’s this skill that will help people determine whether you ‘know you’re stuff’.  For many people, having a good technical skill set will be enough for you to keep coming back.  You’re giving them what they need and getting them to where they want – job done.


The complete package

You look the part and you know what you’re talking about.  Are you able to present this in a way that gets complete buy in from the client?  The most successful personal trainers in Ascot and sunningdale are highly skilled communicators – they’re able to bring the best our of their clients.  Not only is the programme they deliver good, but they deliver in such a way that clients love it.  Clients that enjoy a training experience buy into the process.  As a result they train more consistently and achieve better results.  Most importantly, though the process become much more enjoyable.  Here in lies the personal trainers secret weapon – communication in all its different forms.


NK Fitness have been looking after the fitness and wellness of clients throughout Ascot, Berkshire and West London for over 10 years.  Prior to this they worked with elite athletes from a number of sports as well as developing the next generation of fitness coaches and personal trainers.  Our experience is unparalleled and service unrivalled.  If you would like to discover how we may be able to help you achieve your health and fitness then contact us for a free consultation here.