There has been a boom in the availability of online training programmes in recent years.  Cost effective and if the price is right then you get to choose your coach, anywhere in the world.  But what makes an effective online fitness training programme?  Until recently, NK Fitness have provided online training guidance for existing one to one personal training clients.  More recently though, we have been providing remote online training support to clients in its own right.


The value in effective online fitness training

There are many advantages to online training.  Firstly, you have acess to some of the brightest coaches in the world.  Lots of the worlds leading fitness and strength coaches offer an online coaching option.  To be able to tap into this expertise is invaluable and enabled by the wonders of technology and the internet.  The costs of accessing online training are likely to be far lower than seeing the same coach in person.  In the fitness industry you pay for peoples time – having a full time coach in person would prove very expensive.  Effective online fitness training enables the very same coaches to programme all of your workouts without taking up so much time – this makes it much more affordable.  Choose an option where you can feedback progress and receive programme modifications and you have yourself a good start.


Effective online fitness training with NK Fitness

We want to be able to offer a premium fitness training service at NK Fitness.  Online fitness programmes mustn’t just be viewed as just another income stream.  If they genuinely effect change then they will be successful.  Because you don’t see the whites of someones eyes when online coaching means that it presents a number of challenges to the online fitness coach.  Firstly, it must be recognised that programmes must be as simple as possible.  Getting people fit, and improving the athleticism of athletes doesn’t need to be rocket science.  Something too complex is difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement.  A programme that isn’t adhered to fully is not an effective fitness programme.

Whatever the programme format, stand alone versus interactive, it must have flexibility built in to cater for each clients needs and wants.  Therefore, online fitness programmes present unique challenges to the fitness coach.  At NK Fitness we consider the permutations of each online fitness programme so that clients can make their own adjustments and stay on track towards their goals.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of accessing our online coaching programme please feel free to contact us here for a free, no obligation consultation.