NK Fitness has a proud link with Charters School, Sunningdale.  For several years we have run an after school Speed & Agility club during term time.  For the past several years, pandemic restrictions permitting, we’ve also provided a Strength and Conditioning scholarship to two talented athletes each year.  In our latest blog we dicuss why this link has become so important to us.


Giving Back to Sport

First and foremost our S&C scholarships feel good.  Those selected enjoy a full academic year of fitness training support with the aim of helping them progress in their chosen sport or sports.  Having been fortunate enough to earn a living and make a career out of being a strength and conditioning coach, it feels good to give something back.  If elite sports teams didnt require professional fitness input then I wouldn’t have had a job.  The Charters S&C scholarships are a way of ‘giving back’ where it can make a genuine difference.  With youth sports conditioning being a passion of ours we hope that by supporting young individuals we provide them with tools that can help them for the rest of the their sporting careers, as well as their active lives.


Talented Over Achievers

So what do we look for in those selected for our Strength and Conditioning scholarships.  Firstly, they’re chosen by the school PE staff.  Applicants are invited to submit a short proposal outlining their sporting achivements to date, future ambitions and how the scholarship might help them.  PE staff, with the help of former winners, help choose the final two.  There are two types of winner.  The talented athlete and the overachiever.

The talented athlete is an obvious choice.  They have invested time and effort over the years to become superior to the competition and reach the level of performance that they have.  The over achiever is less obvious.  This is a term we use to describe the young athlete that doesn’t necesaarily possess the physical prowess of those classified as talented.  However, what they do possess is an outstanding wilingness to learn and work hard.  Through sheer concentrated effort thse young athletes can, and often do, end up outperforming more ‘naturally talented’ peers.

To see what we get up to with this years strength and conditioning scholars head over to our You Tube page.