We sell personal training sessions for a living.  As with all products we’ve got to be worth the money that we charge for our time.  Here’s an overview of how we strive to provide great value personal training in Ascot.  At NK Fitness we possess a great deal of training expertise and have accumulated many years of delivery experience.  When clients are in front of us they can expect a programme that is appropriate to their goals and ability.  Expert personal trainers can adapt this programme within a session according to how the client responds.  Right away we offer great value personal training in Ascot.

However, there is only so much impact that we can have in the short time that we in front of them.  With the typical personal training session being an hour there are 23 more hours in the day.  During this time clients can enhance the influence of the session, or counteract it.  This is where we can add genuine value for money.


Beyond the Session

When a client is in front of us we can control the environment.  Exercise selection, sets, reps and rest periods.  We monitor and refine technique, and we help clients manage their effort level to get the most from a session.  The 1 to 1 personal training setting is very controlled.  For this reason we experience an extremely low incidence of injury and clients leave sessions having progressed.

Excellent in session service is just half of the battle.  The wheels can well and truly come off when clients are away from us.  Lets face it, the very reason they have come to us in the first place is because they find it too challenging to take care of their fitness and health by themselves.  Poor working practices, inactivity, shoddy nutrition and bad sleep hygeine can all counteract the effects of great value personal training in Ascot.


Going Beyond the Session

So we pride outselves on providing additional support to clients for when they are not in front of us.  We provide additional workouts that are effective but most importantly simple for the client to actually implement.  Taking into account all of the other demands on their time along with their competence, readiness and resources is an important part of getting this right.  Being able to get 1-2 additional fitness stimuli into the week makes a significant difference in the rate of fitness progression a client will see.

Providing advice on effective nutritional strategies that will support the clients health and fitness goals is also important.  At NK Fitness we adopt a very simple approach to diet – giving clients stepwise progressions that are sustainable – we will not bombard them with micro nutrient analysis from the get go.

Finally, the other major area we try to provide great value personal training in Ascot is via lifestyle habits.  Helping clients to understand how their daily lifestyle impacts upon their health and fitness is again best done in baby steps.  Advising them on small daily changes that can be made to physical activity each day around their working practices.  How to improve sleep quality and even simple stretching routines that can counteract modern, busy lifestyles.

The key to successful beyond the session is simplicity and consistency.  We ensure regular contact with all clients throughout the week.  They rent some of our headspace.  We also avoid overwhelming them by taking baby steps and keeping any interventions as simple as possible.  The result?  Excellent client retention and an offer of great value personal training in Ascot.