Bodyweight or weighted exercises?

Many people can be undecided whether to go to the gym or park to do their workout. Here are some exercise tips you will want to know for what is better for the goals. There’s no wrong answer to the question above, it all depends on what you want to get out of your efforts.

Exercise tip: Stimulus

If you prefer to workout in the park using minimal equipment and your bodyweight. The stimulus could be minimised by only lifting your body weight. At the beginning of training you will find it hard, however you will reach a point where you wont get any further. You will want to add more resistance to be able to find a better stimulus for your muscles.

If the gym is your more preferred option. You will be able to get a different stimulus from doing exercise with heavier weight’s or more reps. The ability for your body to progress is much more significant than if you worked out in the park. You have access to different equipment and heavier or lighter weights for when you want to change the load or volume.

Exercise tip: Variety

If you want a variety of exercise to be in your workout regime then the gym is best for you. Even though a body weight regime has little variety. You will have to change the tempo or use isometric hold to supplement the exercise done on a daily basis. Not many people can do body weight exercise due to the pure strength needed to perform them. As a personal trainer in Windsor I use strength bands to help with pull ups and press ups. They take some of the tension away from your muscle so that you can gradually progress.

In the gym has the fixed equipment, barbells, dumbbell, kettlebells and a number of different functional equipment. Which will keep your workouts fresh and full of variety for when the plan gets stale.

Exercise tip: Balancing

Balancing out the body is a must with any kind of exercise that you do. In this day and age where lots of use tend to only want to see the muscles that we see in the mirror. It’s the anterior chain that is abused the most in a workout. It’s the aesthetic look that everyone is looking for. This look can look ridiculous and so wrong when see by a fitness professional.

We either work to much upper body or to much on the anterior chain. This can make the look of the body seem kyphotic and unbalanced. Making muscle imbalances which can lead to injuries.

During your workout the movement either pushing or pulling have to be the same weight, or relevant to the body. This is so the body appears balanced and all the muscle are working in the correct way. No either muscle is taking over anther muscles job in the body.

For example, bench press and bent forward row have to be a similar weight during performing the exercises. Whilst performing an inverted row and a push up, the amount or reps have to be the same.

Last thought

All I see if biceps, biceps and more biceps exercise’s. It is so frustrating to see as a trainer. All I want to do is tell them they are doing it wrong and tell them the right way to workout.