There are a number of different sayings that point to the need for specificity and individuality of training to maximise the gains made. Speak to any conditioning coach or personal trainer and they will be able to highlight the importance of such a simple concept. However, whilst this is not in dispute, the reality can often be quite different, particularly in team training environments and for personal trainers with overloaded diaries. The challenge for these is to be efficient with their time and manage a large number of ‘clients’ in an effective and manageable way, and it is this that can often lead to a lot of cross over between the programmes of different athletes. As Fulham’s leading experts in personal training NK Fitness run through some of the reasons why they take every care to ensure that an individuals programme needs to be highly specific to them, and them only:

1. Principles of training are exactly that … principles! They are not laws that are written in tablets of stone and as such they need to be applied in a manner that suits the goals of the programme, make up of the individual and the circumstances of their daily routines, lifestyle and culture.

2. The unique make up of the individual. Each athlete will commence training from a different starting point – physically, psychologically and emotionally. This will be the result of their unique genetic make up, their training history, nutritional status and illness and injury status and histories respectively. In turn, each individual will respond in a unique way to any given training stimulus and therefore their ‘trainability’ will vary and be ultimately determined by their genetics

3. The social environment that the client exists in will influence the frequency and timing of sessions that are possible. It will also determine the range of venues, equipment and facilities available to them – all of which are important factors to be considered by the strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer.

An understanding of the clients social and cultural environment, with specific reference to how it influences their responses to training, is what makes the difference in effective training programmes. The personal trainer Fulham who goes this extra step will get a greater ‘buy in’ from the client as well as improved results. All of this equates to better value for money for the client and more rewarding role for the coach.

NK Fitness pride themselves on not only giving clients a great workout, but in ensuring their training is the ‘right’ training for them. If you would like to join Fulham’s best personal trainers then do not hesitate to contact us here.

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