The energy and enthusiasm that goes into getting a fitness venture off the ground is incredible and infectious.  This initial rush of ‘getting started’ will wear off.  How can coaches and personal trainers maintain their energy levels of motivation?  After all, it’s often the energy that attracts clients to newly qualified personal trainers.  Here at NK Fitness we are very proud of our client retention rates as we enter our ninth year with some clients.  Here are some of the factors that help keep the fires burning and your customers engaged in the fitness industry.

Professional Development:  Stay up to Date

A fundamental way of remaining engaged is to keep up to date within developments in the fitness industry.  Failing to up date your professional knowledge on a regular basis will lead to a lack of variety and progression in your programming.  It could also mean that you’re unable to keep up with client queries.   Clients more up to date with innovations in the fitness industry is not a good look.  Training techniques, sports science, the business of fitness, and the art of communication.   All relevant areas that can improve a personal trainers delivery.

If time is tight, social media can be a quick fix.  However, make time to read books and dive into research.  Listen to fitness related podcasts rather than music when travelling.  Despite several decades of working as a fitness trainer / strength and conditioning coach, there is still plenty of new knowledge to be gained.  This knowledge can be used to drive the standards and quality of the service you provide to clients.

However, beware that professional development and research can be a double edged sword so keep it focussed.  There is so much information out there that it’s possible to go off on tangents.  Know your market and stick the stuff thats relevant if you want it to be productive.


Tuning into the client every session

No clients are robotic.  Their physical, mental and emotional energy vary on a day to day basis due to a whole host of factors.  There are good days and there are bad days.  One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a personal trainer is being able to tune into clients.  Making an effort to genuinely connect with clients in a session keeps the job interesting.  Being able to recognise their capacity on any given day allows a personal trainer to tweak the programme accordingly.

Forget the money being earned in the session.  Start adding value.  Arriving at a fitness training session with purpose and helping the client feel great is what brings the real buzz.  Adopting this approach keeps fitness coaches motivated for years.  No two days are the same.

Many fitness coaches or personal trainers start out part time.  Furthermore, many people don’t consider fitness to be a life long career option.  However, taking time to stay keep abreast of clients and the industry can make it a viable full time career.  Just ask our clients entering their ninth year of training.