We’re all human! Whilst we endeavour to keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to health and fitness, we understand that life requires balance. For many of us, that balance includes a tipple or two, every now and again. However, if you’ve been sticking to your training regime and eating / drinking well, the morning after the night before can be pretty hellish. Can you take certain precautions to help prevent or avoid a hangover all together?


Tips For Before You Drink

Want to set yourself up for success? The following simple precautions can help avoid that dreaded morning headache. Sure, you’re probably never going to avoid it all together. However, these can a little way to helping.

  • Take a Vitamin B pre party & the morning after – Vitamin B12 essential for brain and nervous system
  • Take electrolyte tablet/powder before bed and/or when you wake up – This helps to replace fluids & minerals
  • Eat a high carb/healthy fat meal before going out


Top Tip for During Your Evening Drinks

Simple and straight forward.

  • Avoid dark spirits, they contain chemicals called Congeners that irritate brain tissue & vessels


Tips For The Morning After

So here you are, lying in bed, head aching, body feeling sluggish. Before you roll out of bed and slowly make your way to Mcdonalds, give the following tips a go for a clear mind.

  • Dry food like toast is better than a greasy breakfast
  • Egg yolks contain the Amino Acid Cystiene which breaks down Acetaldehyde – Acetaldehyde a main hangover instigator
  • Kale, spinach & parsley help relieve your liver
  • Chlorella is packed with antioxidants that will aid recovery
  • Wallow in water to replace lost fluids


This is Real Life

Real life means we are going to take trips away from the perfect path. Rather than scold you and create negative mindset, my goal is to provide you with a best case scenario. As an Expert Personal Trainer in Surrey, I know that many of client will go out and enjoy themselves at weekends, or have to wine and dine as part of work. Providing them with information on how to best survive your hangover is better than simple telling them off. Try the tips above and see what you think.