Say what you like about social media, it’s here to stay!  There is no question that various social media platforms are both good and bad.  Conceptually excellent, and used appropriately they can be brilliant.  However, it’s very easy to fall into bad habits with them.  At NK Fitness it is fair to say we have a love hate relationship with them.  Here’s how we like to use social media platforms.


The murky depths

I’ve always maintined that instagram and facebook are murky places.  Promoting instant gratification at the tap of a button.  They can devalue the benefits of fitness social media.  More skin and more sexualisation equals more likes.  But why should instagram be any different from the rest of society?  Fitness social media moves fast so it’s tough to get noticed.  This promotes extreme eye catching posts.  Big statements that are polarising.  As a result, a lot of scope for misinformation.


Getting to grips with fitness social media

You can avoid some of the negative aspects of fitness social media platforms.  It’s tough though.  The makers of these apps want you to waste your day on them.  Following only accounts that share relevant information is important.  You’re less likely to get irritated by piffle!  Let the peachy booty gang play in their circles, if you wouldn’t hang out with them in person at a conference or in life circles then the chances are you don’t need their feed.

Limit the amount of time you give to it.  Designating a timetable to social media can save a lot of time and frustration.  Ever spent 2 hours on social media and wonder what an earth you got out of it?  Use it for your own gain.

Generate a community and include your followers in your journey.  Use it to interact in a positive way.  People like to feel connection and so use fitness social media platforms to build a sense of community.  Bring people along for the ride.