You have to know what you’re talking about.  In the same way as a fat dietician is going to struggle to gain respect, so too is an out of shape fitness trainer.  Expert fitness professionals must be able to ‘talk the talk’ as well as ,walk the walk’.  However, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep up the academic side of things to the point where it played on my mind.

Knowledge is power

Recently, I’ve had a recurring dream.  It goes along the lines of being back at Uni.  But I find myself with 1-2 months left before the end of the course.  I’m panicking!  For some reason I am so far behind on my assignments.  I am rushing through the corridors trying to find tutors and beg them not to give up me.  I’m highly motivated and am keen to get my head in the journals, pulling long hours at the library.  I love studying.  I genuinely do.  And I know I can nail this degree.


Up to date expert fitness

I’ve always regarded myself as an expert fitness coach.  I’ve been blessed academically to gain a fantastic degree in sports science as part of a very good cohort.  My experience in elite sport has given me industrial knowledge that sets me apart from the rest of the expert fitness crowd.  However, I haven’t been engaging in high level academic study recently and keeping myself up to date outside of social media.  And I think this is where the dream is coming from.  A deep down desire to keep learning and to keep my expert fitness knowledge up to date.


So, I’ve taken the subliminal hint and am hitting the journals and key expert fitness texts hard again.  Introducing regular reading and study into my week is the latest in my habit stacking.  We need to keep NK Fitness ahead of the curve!