The UK is in it’s third and what seems like longest National Lockdown.  There’s a greater good at large here.  At NK Fitness we recognise that.  However, it doesn’t mean that Covid keep fit isn’t a bit of a crap shoot.  Gym closures,  covid testing, snow, a brutal windchill and misunderstanding members public have all conspired against us.  Two steps forward and one step back it seems.  We’ve lost all recognisable structure so here’s how we’ve gone back to basics and played the conditions.


Brace yourself for a bumpy ride

On a business level we’ve taken on Archie as an Apprentice Personal Trainer.  Gym closures to the public didn’t stop us getting in some much needed development behind the scenes.  After all, it’s our place of work.  Covid safety paramount, we kept visits to a minimum.  Government guidelines permit one to one training outside in public spaces.  We therefore created a fantastic outdoor training solution where clients could train safely.  Unfortunately, some members of the public were confused and thought that the gym was open at Gainline Fitness.  To avoid negative exposure prior to officially launching the decision was made to suspend all training.

Having cancelled all one to one covid keep fit, we then had to deal with self isolation protocols.  Archie received a call that a family member had contracted Covid.  Whilst he hadn’t come into contact with them, as a precaution he went into self isolation.  Three covid tests later and he has the all clear.

When times are tough – get a workout done!  With Gainline closed it was back to exercising with minimal equipment and outside.  The Uk recorded some of the lowest temperatures on record in the past 10 days, so this was a challenging experience to say the least.


Playing the conditions

As a former performance rugby coach when my teams performances were unravelling we’d simplify everything.  Go back to basics.  Remember why we enjoyed the game so much and build upon things once they started going right.  There is no question that our playing conditions were being changed on a daily basis.  Many of these factors were outside of our control.

With Archie needing to self isolate and not being able to see clients we have focussed his hours on the educational aspects of his apprenticeship.  Front loading the education aspect.  Playing the conditions of covid keep fit.

As for working out.  Getting the basics done.  Limited equipment and inclement weather make the usual programming impossible.  Simplifying movements and maintaining the stimulus have kept things ticking over.  Yes, we’ve had to change the game plan.  In doing so, we may still end up with a win or two.