NK Fitness are an Ascot trainer working commercially throughout berkshire and south west London.  Due to our experience, we recieve lots of enquiries from athletes looking to improve their performance.  For the vast majority of these athletes, we are able to help.  However, occasionally there are some that we are not best placed to help.  Here, we explain a recent example of an enquiry from a female rugby player.


Ascot Trainer turning away work

Coaching is a responsibility.  Whether for performance or more general health, the fitness coach or Ascot trainer has to help clients progress.  Progression must be as efficient as possible.  Get the client to their goal as quickly and safely as possible, with the least amount of work.  Every now and then a client will come along that you are not best placed to help.  It is important to be honest with the athlete and to refer them if you can.

At first glance it may seem bad business sense to turn paying customers away.  However, this isn’t necessarily true.  Ultimately, you are doing what is in the best interests of a client.  They will thank you for this and speak favourably of you.  It may result in lost potential income in the short term.  But the positive PR and word of mouth may prove priceless.


Aspiring female rugby player

Recently we received an enquiry from a female rugby player.  Having played a good standard of University Rugby she was struggling with her UK lockdown routine.  On the horizon was the carrot of potentially trialling for elite women’s rugby in Australia.  She contacted NK Fitness to supplement her lockdown routine with some more structured S&C support.  This was with the aim of giving herself the best opportunity to shine at the potential Aussie trial.

We’ve always maintained that great team sports players get there by playing thousands of hours of their sport.  With contacts in the women’s game at the Premiership level we referred her to Wasps FC.  Getting her into that environment would provide her with high class rugby that could outperform any support we could offer.  A few phonecalls and text messages later and it looks like she has a trial.  We wish her well.

If you would like to see how NK Fitness can help you progress your sporting performance, either as an aspiring athlete or a ‘walk on’ get in touch for a no obligation, free consultation.