The vast majority of private personal trainers start out on their own.  As business grows, the diary fills and time becomes a finite resource.  With a full diary, the successful mobile personal trainer has a decision to make.  Stick at their current earning level or grow the business further.  Growing the business further means increasing scale of training sessions.  For an Ascot fitness trainer with a full diary and no more time to sell there are three options, of which one is an apprentice personal trainer:

  1.  Increase hourly rate
  2. Offer time efficient online products
  3. Recruit more staff

All three methods are valid methods of increasing revenue.  Options 2 and 3 sit better with us as they mean an increase in service provision.  For us, option 1 is motivated by money only, not an improvement in service.


Recuiting personal training staff

Finding staff in the personal training industry is easy.  It’s also bloody difficult!  Firstly, there are loads of us to choose from.  However, finding one that fits your brand is so hard.  Very good trainers are hard to come by.  When you do find them they are likely to have enough of their own business.  A personal trainer with a full diary is certainly doing something right!

Sub contracting clients to freelance personal trainers also creates a huge ‘burn rate’.  In other words, most of the fee goes to the trainer.  This gives inflated gross income and huge expenditure rates to the business.  So why not employ the freelance trainer?  Building their dairy takes time.  It takes long enough to build your own diary with quality clients, let alone pimp someone out for 30 hours a week.  The risk-reward ratio is too big when hiring a highly experienced personal trainer.


Why recuit an apprentice personal trainer?

Recruiting an apprentice personal trainer provides a more cost effective option for growing a business.  Our business gains new personnel and capacity, whilst the apprentice gets a great learning environment and free training.  It has a lot of up side.  However, the small issue of a national pandemic and enforced gym closures would throw a spanner in the works for many.  Not, us at NK Fitness.  We see the enforced lockdown as an opportunity to ‘front load’ the learning – both theory and practice.  Working from home wherever possible, and minimal contact time still allows us to cover plenty of material.

The aim is for our Apprentice personal trainer to be upskilled enough to offer a lite service to our client base, therefore contributing to the growth of the business.  When lockdown restrictions are lifted, we are then in a better position to cope with demand.  If you would like to discuss how working with our Apprentice could help you, then please contact us here.