Here is the first installment of The Apprentice Files.  Archie joins NK Fitness to become the latest of Ascot Trainers.  Each week he will chronicle his progress.


Ascot Trainers First Session

Training my first client was surprisingly nerve racking, I found myself with many thoughts racing through my head.   Scenarios to go wrong, scenarios that I considered failing.  I was calmed only by the fact that Nathan helped develop my session giving me faith in a near guaranteed success. When the session arrived it began well.  However, I noticed how quickly we were going through the plan for the day, realising that my time management needs serious working on. When my hour plan came to a close within 20 minutes I realised I had made a mistake or 2.   Scrounging around for solutions grasping at every last straw I had, pulling random exercises out of thin air and my structure went out the window.   When it came to the end I felt a flood of relief as I had indeed survived day 1.


Second times a Charm

Session 2 was 2 days down the line and I had realised many problems with my planning after reflecting on my first session.  Refusing to allow things to go the same way I planned ahead.   Thinking of exercises to fill time,
always giving myself a back up, working out what I realised the client enjoyed.  I also worked to my own strengths as an instructor.  Session 2 came around and wasa massive success.  Everything flowed perfectly and went exactly according to plan.  Socially everyone involved was more comfortable which was massive.  All in all, this drastic improvement gave me hope for future.   Everyone has there own ways of doing things.   Using my own structure to stick to, many things were learned.  The first week was overall a massive success in all aspects

Follow Archie each week on his journey to join the best of Ascot Trainers.  If you would like to train with Archie please contact us here.