Money off, free for six months, free gift upon sign up, switch for a cheaper tariff.  Everywhere we turn we are bombarded with adverts for new business.  Businesses love ‘new business’.  So much so, that new customers can often get better deals than existing customers.  Check our Money Saving Expert for plenty of examples.  The personal training business Ascot is no different.  As highly experienced personal trainers we feel this is crazy.  At NK Fitness our most important customers are existing customers.  There are several reasons why incentivising potential clients has pitfalls in the PT industry.


Look after existing clientele first

We are not syaing that new business is bad.  It most certainly isn’t a bad thing at all.  Gaining new clients is vital to growth and sustainability.  But it’s about balance and your first priority should be your existing clients.  When it comes to elite personal training, time is at a premium.  Elite personal trainers sell their time.  A personal training business Ascot model that looks for rapid growth and generating lots of new business fills this finite time resource. Selling it cheaply could bite you on the bum!

Having a genuine ‘client first’ focus is more likely to see existing clients meeting their goals, and you meeting their expectations.  Therefore, looking after existing clients means ‘repeat business’.  I will take repeat business over new business everyday of the week.  Your existing clients are your most valuable business.


Standardised Fitness Plans

Those personal trainers selling online programmes and workout routines that require minimal personalisation may benefit from a different approach.  Volume of sales is the key to business growth and success here, because time is not the limiting factor. Once the training programme is designed there is little more time required.  Offering incentives and discounts can increase sales volume.

If you are looking to increase your personal training business Ascot then consider what it is you are selling.  Repeat business for one to one training trumps new business everytime.  If you’d like to discover how NK Fitness could help you please click here.