The time to improve your health and fitness is now.  It is always now because tomorrow never comes.  People serious about improving their health start straight away.  However, so many decide put off or set a date in the future.  Why?  As highly experienced Fulham personal trainers we’ve learnt that those who delay rarely start and seldom succeed in reaching their goals.  It all comes down to motivation.


Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation

Motivation to improve our fitness is like everything else.  Intrinsic motivation for exercise is that which is drawn from an internal desire to improve health for yourself.  Examples might include a strong desire to look better naked.   To be able to perform to a certain standard.  Lots of people lose weight and tone up through both exercise and diet so that they have more energy on a day to day basis.   Being leaner and fitter makes these people feel good.   People who are extrinsically motivated choose to get fit for external sources of rewards.  Winning a weight loss competition at work is a good example.  Trying to please other people is another popular reason.

Those who are externally motivated tend not to be as successful as those who are internally motivated.


A desire to achieve versus a fear of failure

Those of us who are motivated to achieve something tend to enjoy more success in the long term than those who are motivated by a fear of falling short of their goal.  Fear of failure can be crippling.  For example, athletes that are driven by fear of failure tend to select easier competitions to avoid losing.  This can really stunt the athletes progress.  Those of us who are achievement orientated are not scared to make mistakes.  As a result, achievement focussed people tend to learn and make more progress rather than play it safe.


Deep versus superficial sources of motivation

This bit is obvious but never fails to surprise me when discussing it with new clients.  Whatever the motivator is, it has to have meaning.  Genuine meaning to the client.  Achieving the desired goal must be very important.  Reasons for improving health that have an emotional basis are good for success.  The ‘need’ associated with emotional goals will keep a person going when the going gets tough.  On the flip side, goals that are built on whims cannot often withstand setbacks and programmes that get tough.  One key factor that we say to all clients when discussing goal setting is to choose something that means everything to them.

It is not a surprise that choosing an emotionally rooted goal and being intrinsically motivated increases your chances of reaching your goals.  Therefore, it pays off to take your time when goal setting your new fitness campaign.

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