The crunch date for giving up on New Year resolutions has passed.  According to the experts January 12th is the key date when most people quit their New Years resolutions.  Fitness gyms and leading personal trainers receive numerous enquiries at this time of year from those determined to make the New Year the year that they get fit!  More often than not they are fitness equivalent of the car buying ‘tyre kicker’!  Used to fielding enquiries from potential clients we can spot a time waster January fad fitness goer from a mile off.  Our basic rule of thumb is ‘if you still want to exercise in February, then give us a call’.

You can take matters into your own hands.  Fitness does not have to be expensive and it’s not compulsory to pay for the services of a mobile personal trainer, trendy though it seems.  You also don’t have to fork out hefty gym membership fee’s for a gym that you barely get to.  Investing some time and potentially a fraction of the cash could make working out at home a very effective fitness option.  Here, leading mobile Fulham personal trainers NK Fitness highlight how to go about developing a fitness mecca at home.


Match your home fitness gym to it’s purpose

Get the best out of any home fitness equipment by taking the time to plan it properly.  Like with any fitness programme start off by clarifying your goals.  What is it that you want to achieve with your fitness.  This will focus your home fitness equipment towards that goal.  If the aim is to increase muscle mass then you’re going to be steered towards resistance training equipment.  Conversely, if your goal is to reduce body fat levels then you may be looking towards equipment for cardiovascular based workouts.

What space do you have to work with?  If you only have your living room space then it’s probably not practical to place a treadmill in there (this does happen).  However, a double garage that’s sitting empty may allow you to build quite an extensive facility.  Whatever space is available, there will be equipment that allows anyone to work towards their fitness goal.

With goals and space all worked out, the next all important consideration is budget.  The great thing about home fitness is that it can suit all budgets.  Shopping around online can lead to some great bargains.  You could probably find everything you need being sold second hand.  Unused fitness equipment is popular on social media selling sites.  A lot of fitness equipment is perfectly functional in a used condition.  A kettlebell is a kettlebell – the workout isn’t any different because it’s new a shiny!

In part two of this of blog we will look at the specifics of what equipment to buy for a home fitness routine.  If you’d like help designing a facility at home then feel free to contact us – Fulhams leading mobile personal trainer.