The best Ascot personal trainer must be motivated by more than money
Know your unique selling point for clients

Any Ascot personal trainer need clients.  No clients means no business.  No business means look for another job.  The turnover of personal trainers throughout the industry is very high.  The percentage of personal trainers who supplement income through secondary employment is also very high.  Getting clients and retaining them is a fundamental and constant issue for personal trainers.  This is especially true for those who work in the commercial sector.  This latest blog highlights some very important considerations for those PT’s starting out.


Fresh faced Ascot personal trainer raring to go

A background in working out and armed with a level 3 personal training qualification.  This is the beginning for the average budding PT.  Wanting to help people get fit and having tools and methods of doing so is not going to be enough to generate business.  You may not have signed up to be a sales person, but it’s what you fast need to become.  Why should potential clients employ you and trust you with their health and fitness?  There will be many others operating as an Ascot personal trainer, some with more experience and better qualifications.  What makes you different?  You need to develop and sell your sales pitch.  This is your unique selling point, the factor that separates you from the others.  “Oh hey, look at me, I’m really good at working out”  just will not cut it.  How can you change someones life for the better?


Cash is King

Offer your services for free and you will have plenty of people happy to work with you and take your advice.   After all, the risk is relatively low and the cost to benefit ratio is pretty good.  Start to ask people to part with their hard earned cash is a game changer.  Immediately, you get into issues of value for money.  Any individual must feel that they get value for money if they are to pay for your services.  Therefore, pay attention to detail when designing and delivering your product.

As an Ascot personal trainer there is no shame in wishing to make money.  Most business’s strive to make a profit.  However, when it comes to personal training money cannot be the primary motivator.  Simply ramming the diary with clients and sessions to maximise income does not generate job satisfaction.  PT careers are short lived if this the only goal.  Therefore, it’s very important to generate goals, both tangible and intangible, in order to generate a sustainable business.