Six years on from starting out as a personal trainer in Fulham and South West London, I can look back and laugh at some of the stuff / events that I didn’t bargain for. Here I take a light hearted look at some examples of the things that can crop up which they don’t tell your about a Level 3 personal training course.


  1. The 5 Hour Turnaround

As a Fulham personal trainer expect unsociable working hours. PT’s need to be available when the client wants them. Beggars cant be choosers when starting out – take the clients when you can get them. Don’t be alarmed by an 11pm bedtime or later but a 4am get up. Yes, that was me training at 5am on a frosty Parsons Green, Fulham!


Personal trainers regularly run the risk of sleep deprivation. Not on the level of parents of newborns though!!


  1. It takes all sorts – but do you?

Every Fulham personal trainer wants to be found. Getting exposure is one of their top priorities. That means your contact details are out there, available to anyone who wants them. You will quickly lose count of the number of weird a wonderful requests that you receive. I’ve turned down many a ‘free massage’ and fielded many strange photo’s of people just running their ‘workout attire’ past me!!! Be prepared to take things with a pinch of salt. A polite ‘Sorry Bro, that’s just not my scene’ usually does the trick!


  1. C’mon – control your dog

No amount of personal training knowledge can prepare you for the interactions you get with dogs. I’ve watch in slow motion horror as the curious four legged friend has casually sniffed my bag only to cock it’s leg a piss all over it! Running to shoo them away invites a half arsed “Oh, Bruno don’t do that” Sorry lady, not sure your dog understands you, and besides, you’re too late!


If you Bruno heading towards your client who is on the ground then you have to take one for the team. Get yourself in between them before Bruno licks her face! After all, the client is paying you upwards of £50 for the privilege. This will quickly be followed by ‘Don’t worry, he wont hurt you’ from the owner trailing 100 yards away. ‘Thanks, I know that but I still don’t want him dry humping me”!



  1. This guy wants to eat me!

No course talks through keeping yourself safe when meeting complete strangers. Most people who contact you about training are strangers. Some of these strangers invite you to their houses. Now, I like to think I can handle myself but nothing could prepare me for the day I went to Stuarts house. Stuart was apparently trying to get back in shape and wanted some sessions at a local gym.


Upon arriving at the house I could see Stuart was “Stackhouse” – he was built like a doorman – hmmm, slightly strange! Stuart was very ‘on edge’, and it soon emerged that his training history was broad and rich. He didn’t need a trainer.


Stuart keeps nervously checking if I wanted a glass of water (oblivious to the huge 1.5L Volvic I have in my hand). “Oh sure Stuart, yeah drug me up and chop me with those two huge Samurai swords on the wall once you’ve prepped me”! Err, no thanks! Having done a load of consultations before, Stuarts didn’t stack up in anyway – I went through the motions and got myself out of there. Since that day I always meet people in a very public place!


  1. You can’t be all things to all people

With the best will in the world you simply cannot be the perfect Fulham personal trainer to all clients. Regardless of skill set and knowledge there are some that you just can’t connect with. Don’t worry if you grow to really dislike a client – be professional and give them what they paid for – but perhaps manufacture a change of diary and availability to prevent any renewals. One lovely aspect of building business is the ability to fill your diary with great clients.


  1. Learn to blend in to your surroundings

If you want to be a Fulham personal trainer in London and exercise your clients in the parks, such as Eel Brook Common or the Royal Parks then you will need a license. This is simply the councils expensive way of approving you to work in their parks. PT’s are instantly visible and so easy to enforce – less so are the dog walkers and nannies who also use public spaces to earn their money! Parks Police will be on you to check your credentials – unless….


you look like you’re working out too. Be vigilant and prepared to leap into action the moment the Parks fuzz roll into view!


There are many more funny and bizarre moments that make the days all the more challenging and enjoyable – some printable, other less so! If you’re a genuine potential client then please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.