Assuming you’re doing the right thing: Is your fitness plan giving you the results you want?

If you are going to the gym and you are assuming that the right thing to do is what you seem comfortable with. This assumption won’t give you what you need and want because you might get stuck doing the wrong exercise. Not knowing that you might attempting the wrong approach for your body. You might even look around and see that other people who are doing something completely different are getting results. This might make you feel like they shouldn’t be getting those results because you are working harder than them. You think you deserve better results than them. Even though they might have gone into the weight room and did a 45 minute weight sessions compared to you slogging it out on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Say you sweated more and you looked exhausted compared to the other person who’s just did the weights. You could even say they look better than you, if you’re going by looks.  It might seem unfair in comparison but he/she has found out what they need to do in the gym to get the results they want.

What you need to do?

Stop assuming that you’re doing the right fitness program. Ask for advice from a personal trainer or coach you can set you in the right direction. Start a different program and get of the treadmill and head to the weight room. Getting a personal trainer to give you advice on how to do exercise will make you achieve more. Ask why you have to do them. If you are the stubborn type and feel like you can do everything on your own. Think again, if you want something faster go and find the right expert to help you save  the time you would waste.

What weights to do?

Start to learn the main compound lifts, let your body get used to the movement. This will be more demanding than you think. You’ll soon start to realise that doing weights is hard to. You still have to put in the effort the same as you would on the cardio machines. Whereas, this effort is more mentally demanding than cardio. It will raise your heart rate quickly.

Don’t quite the cardio, change the cardio

There are many types of cardio that you can do. You can do interval, HIIT, LISS etc. They don’t all have to be boring and mind numbing. It’s all about raising your heart rate. Then maintaining the HR at a level that you need to hit depending on the training approach.

Change what you do to make it fun

Instead of doing Low intensity steady state cardio, start doing some sprints on the treadmill. This will change the demand on energy and you will end up getting different results because your body has no other option than to change. On the other hand you can change it even more and find a training partner that you can race against.

Why start with a trainer?

A trainer unlike your own self won’t assume you’re doing the right thing. Personal training is a job were they have to change what you would usually do and change it complelty. This will keep you the client on your toes and will get you results. The great thing about a trainer is that they will teach you and pick up on everything that you may be doing wrong. So you can train without injuring yourself.