Staying on point at a mobile personal trainer in the winter

As a mobile trainer the winter is a dark time. You have to get up when it’s dark, go out in the really cold weather before anyone is up and spend time outside in the cold. You have to motivate and keep your client positive who is going through this as well. They might only be out with you for the hour whereas you’re out for the whole day. These are the aspects to staying on point during the winter as a trainer.

Make your body clock impeccable

If you’re one of those who find it increasingly hard to get up in the morning because of the winter. Your body clock isn’t set right and you might be getting up at different time every day. Your alarm should be set for the same time every day to keep your body clock waking you up at the correct time. Studies show that waking up at the same time will give you a better nights sleep and more energy.

Set your warm winter gear up the night before

Knowing what you need to wear in the morning to keep you warm is one way to settle your mind for the morning ahead. It is the worst feeling when training a client and you can’t feel your toes or your feet, especially when demonstrating movements. It can creep up on your concentration with a client if you are cold.

Know what you’re going to have for breakfast to keep you going

Your breakfast should be set out for a King/Queen, you will need a lot of food to get you through a long morning. I make sure that I have at least 40g of protein, lots of carbs, fluids in the form of caffeine and water. For me it is the best time to eat lots of food. Eating a lot in the morning helps me stay focused because I know if I’m training someone and my stomach starts to rumble. It is annoying and I’m scared my client is going to notice if I’m not focused. That isn’t a good way to engage a client into a workout.


Now caffeine is the one thing that you should try to minimize at the later part of the day just so you can get to sleep quicker. However, as a trainer it is a great kick starter in the morning. You can drink it in the form of a coffee or tea or if you’re really in need you can take a caffeine pill. Don’t over do it though and become dependable.

The caffeine will wake you up that little bit quicker than usual and it helps if the sun isn’t up yet. The sunlight helps us wake up naturally but if you get up hours before the sun is up then it’s harder.

Have a plan to be able to work inside if you absolutely have to

On those really bad days when there’s snow, ice or hail outside make sure you have a backup plan if your client minds the bad weather. I would usually go for a place that is undercover, these are hard to find especially ones with lights. If you find one keep it quiet. The other option is to workout at the home of your client, some won’t like this idea because they like working outside. They might not even have enough space or a tidy area to work out so approach this with caution.

Eat an amazing diet

During the winter you need to keep your body nourished with healthy foods. Have you ever got that sluggish feeling after eating fast release carbs? Well that feeling is what you want to eliminate. It’s hard to get up and train client if you’re feeling tired and sluggish. Make sure you have a lot of fruit and veg, protein, slow release carbs and lots of fluids. This will keep you up and running as well as keep your immune system working.

Make sure you’re comfortable and warm

This one is clear to every personal trainer you works outside. Having the essentials is a must. Thick jacket, 2 t-shirts, jumper, shorts and leggings or jogging bottoms, glover, a hat, thick socks and shoes this a thicker sole can help. All of these items will keep you comfortable and warm during the cold weather.

Work with your client with some of the moves.

Another option is to do some of the movements with your client. The muscle on our bodies are what keep us warm, when they vibrate they warm us up. So there is no better way to do that than to move around more. You can make the workout partly interactive so that you both are working together. This can be a fun way to lead a workout and it helps keep some client going.

As a trainer I find that these things help me when I train my client outdoors. They might also help if your training yourself outdoors. Give some of them a go and tell me what you think.