For many people exercise is a chore, a hobby or a passion.  Working out is something to be done before or after work because it doesn’t feature as an integral part of how we earn our living.  It is therefore very easy to become stuck ‘in a rut’ when it comes to fitness training.  The same sessions, same exercises and the same intensities.  From novice through to experienced trainer, it’s easy to park yourself firmly in the comfort zone.  One element of training that must never be compromised is technique.   As one of Fulham’s best personal trainers I am a stickler for technique and ensure that all clients exercise properly first and foremost.  Proper exercise form is central to a clients progress.


Technique, Technique, Technique

Listed below are the main benefits of ensuring proper technique when working out.  Invest time in ensuring that you develop proper exercise and movement patterns early in your exercise programme.  Doing so gives you a bigger return for your sweat.

  1. It’s safer. This is enough of a reason in itself!  The incidence of injury sustained during exercise increases dramatically as a result of poor technique.  Sports physiotherapists and medical professionals build businesses based upon poor movement mechanics that lead to injuries.  When exercises are performed with proper technique the rate of injury is actually very low.
  2. Increase in performance.  Move limbs and apply force through full and correct patterns of movement to gain the most from every single repetition.  Over the years amongst Fulham’s best personal trainers I’ve repeatedly seen clients who pay attention to technique far outperform those who cut corners.
  3. Increase the calorie burn.  Train properly to burn more calories every repetition.  Good exercise technique equals higher rep potential and less time out with injury too.  In short, you train better for longer!
  4. It’s honest.  Set yourself high standards when training.  Know that your new personal best is genuine, whether its a record load or time.  Too many of us can be guilty of kidding ourselves that we hit the mark.  Don’t be that person!

It even happens to Fulham’s best personal trainers!

Despite years of training experience even leading personal trainers fall short of the technique mark.  After years of performing parallel back squats, my lack of depth was called into question and with it my one repetition maximum.  Squatting to full depth has improved my strength through range and reduced the incidence of injury niggles.  A coach or personal trainer will help significantly by highlighting technique flaws.  You do not have to hire the services of a personal trainer every session.  Indeed, simply checking in on technique every now and then is enough for many people.  It can make a big difference to your programme and progress though.


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