Training is going well, run times are improving, diet and nutrition are on point and BAAM there goes your hamstring. Game over, all the hard work you have put in has now been wasted. No, this is not the case, injuries happen! However this isn’t the time to get down in the dumps or take your foot off the gas. In fact, I personally feel injuries provide much needed time to address ares of training we may have neglected.

Amateur athletes have to fit their training in and around work and family commitments. Unfortunately you’re not getting paid to spend all day in the gym or out on the field working on all the little things. As a result, the unexpected break in training caused by injury, may be exactly what you need.


Let’s Take A Look At The Pros

I know I have already stated that this post is about YOU, the amateur athlete, continually juggling that work, life and training balance. However I feel the next stat is an important one.  I heard this a couple of years ago, so the number may well have changed since then, but the point is still the same.

In the English Rugby Premiership there are approximately 54 match injuries per club during the season. 645 match injuries that led to time lost from training and/or match play were reported in the 2014-15 season.

These players aren’t just sitting around drinking gold top milk (see Joe Marler!). This down time is spent improving other areas of their game. I can remember being at Exeter Chiefs and seeing two injured props (both withholder injuries), they weren’t resting they were completing a gruelling lower body workout and technical running session.


Attack Your Weakness

Injuries often occur from weaknesses and imbalances elsewhere in the body! FIX YOUR WEAKNESS. Spend time working on the little things. As a result, your return to action will be as an improved version of yourself.

Most of all, set out a plan of what you want to achieve in the gap and put it into place straight away. Start slow, build things up and get after it.


Personal Training in Twickenham, the home of English Rugby, brings me into contact with a lot of clients who experience injuries at some point. Thus, tailoring sessions to adapt and overcome these issues are essential to continual progression.  To learn more book your FREE consultation here.