PT Thought of the week: How do you get so shredded and big?

This is my thought of the week. I can’t seem to imagine how people feel when they see someone with a physique that’s is shredded and big. That they think the person must have got there by cheating because they can’t imagine having a body like them. I am hear to tell you that everyone can have a great body. We all have 24 hours in a day. It’s how you use those hours is what makes the difference between a great body and a body that you aren’t happy with.


You have to work so hard to get the physique you want

Working hard for something that can’t be seen straight in front of you is misleading to some. If I hand you a programme and say you will look and feel great if you follow the programme religiously for 1 year.  If your over weight this is something that you wont be able to comprehend until results start to show. The programme may say to go to the gym 4-5 days a week.

You have to want it

If you want this bad enough you will do anything to be able to get it. If you put in the work at the gym and eat the correct foods without slipping up. You will get to the point of being shredded. Any programme that you see on the internet, if it looks half decent and has lots of variety. Its going to work if you stick at it for a year. You have to want to put in the time and dedication to a year of training to see how it changes your life. Will you do it?

Kitchen and gym

If your going to the gym like the programme says you have to feed your body with premium fuel. The premium fuel being protein to make sure you recover, carbs for energy and vegetables for nutrients. If you keep a healthy lifestyle with food and don’t over eat on the refined carbohydrates like sugar and sweet snacks. The outcome in a years time will of had such an impact on you that you physically wont be able to change back to your younger self.

Last note

As a personal trainer in Windsor I get asked quite a lot if clients can lose a lot of weight by training and eating well. I say, Yes you can get to were you imagine you want to be if you put in the work. So I would real of lots of different tips of how they can change their lifestyle. The first reaction is ‘wow that’s going to be hard’ and I say yes it will be hard in the beginning. But by the time you have succeeded you will feel like it was all worth while.

So go and try working out for yourself but make sure you follow a plan.