Goal Setting

You have a goal that you want to achieve. The only way you are going to achieve it is if you are to work towards it. When you set a goal it’s hard to get started unless that goal setting is reachable within a smaller time frame. Once you have achieved the small goal you are on the right path to the big goal. You will get a great feeling of achievement and will want to get that feeling again and again. This is what will push you forward. It’s not motivation, it the hard work and a reward at the end. Just like any other situation in life. You work a day job and you receive a pay check at the end. It’s a goal just like the ones you set. Find an incentive for your goal and you will find you’ll achieve it quicker.

Don’t tell anyone but write it down

With all my goals I tend to write them down somewhere and most of the time I forget about them. Until I find the paper or the document I wrote them on and I realise that I’m more than half way towards that goal. I could of written the goals down 2 year or even 2 months ago. However a strange thing happens when you write them down. It’s almost like you set the goal in stone until you achieve it it will still be in the back of your mind until you do. The writer down words keep you accountable towards that goal.

Let other people recognise what you have achieved

Apparently if you tell people about your goals you are less likely to achieve. It has been scientifically proven that when telling someone about your goals gives the body the feeling that they have been achieved already. Which will make you stop any work towards them. Whereas, if you work in silence your goals will come. People will will start to recognise that you are doing well for yourself. Then they will start to ask questions.

Achieve one goal then set new ones and keep going

Goal Setting doesn’t mean that you will achieve it or not. It means that its something that you want. Somehow when you achieve it you can feel lost because you’ve always had this hope in the back of your head pushing you forward. You will get a feeling for always setting a new goal because you wont be able to live without. Meaning you will become more successful.

Never stop

Personal training in Windsor, I believe that the only way to get to a goal and maintain a goal is to never stop at achieving it. That’s the key to successful goal setting. Because once you have quit then there isn’t anything to fight for and you will have nothing.